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Software To Batch Update Waypoints?

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Is there software out there that allows you to change the icon for a bunch of waypoints at once? I have a number of waypoints for various things besides geocaches in my GPS, but somewhere in the process of transferring them between different programs, they all show the geocache icon now.


I would like to be able to select a group of waypoints from my list and change them all to a particular icon. There are way too many to do them each one at a time. I think I have actually done this before, but none of the software I have seems able to do it. :rolleyes: I have GSAK, Mapsource, and EasyGPS.



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You can utilize features in GSAK to do this. Filter your waypoints down to the list that you want to send to your GPSr and having a different icon. Now when you choose "send waypoints" the data window will open allowing you to change the waypoint symbol based on four different categories. Change the "Not Found" symbol to the one you want. All non-geocache waypoints are coded as "not found" in your database no matter what they are. Now they will all download with that symbol you picked.


Hope that helps, Olar

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