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Cache Idea OK?

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I am thinking of placing a cache where I work, and the geocachers I talked to this weekend didn't see any problem with it (and even thought it was a cool idea), but because it is at a business, I wanted to double-check whether it's OK before I bother.


I am a cartographer in a smallish town, working for a rather large mapping company. It seems the only people in town that know the place exists are people who have known someone who has worked there.


The typical geocacher would not be a potential customer. We work mostly with government agencies, such as the USGS and state DOT's.


Some of the topo data you use when geocaching may well have been compiled in this building.


Since there's no desire here to sell a product--just to point out something geocachers may find cool--is there any breach of etiquette here?


Thank you,


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I assume it's going to be on the grounds outside of the building and won't be tied directly with your company so I don't see a problem. You might want to make sure that it's okay with the building owner and grounds keeper just to put the approver at ease.


BrianSnat: I have to say your newest new avatar is much more refined that your last. Is this a before and after type of thing?


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Cool idea icon_cool.gif


We have one local cache put together by some county workers and placed in the foliage outside their office window. Unsuspecting cachers come up and are accosted by a couple of them with, "what do you think your doing". They get a kick out of it and get to meet the local and out of towner cachers.


I fooled them though: I went at 5:00 am for that one. They probably caught my image on the surveilence camera though icon_smile.gif

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