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Gps Data Conversion

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GPS data is all about waypoints. Routes and tracks are just collections of waypoints... so it seems like there should be a way to convert a track into a set of waypoints or a route.


Specifically what I am trying to do is get a track from my GPS (Garmin 60cs) into USAPhotoMaps. I can't do it directly because the software will only load routes from a file, not tracks. Tracks can only be loaded by direct connection and the software doesn't support Garmin USB yet.


Anyone know of a tool that can convert a track into a route, or a bunch of waypoints?



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I never used USAPhotoMaps, but on the pages I was just looking at, they all reference loading tracks as an option.....it shows USAPhotoMap receiving tracks directly from a GPS.

Right, but it does not support that function over USB, which is all my 60cs has.

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