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Can't Pocket Query For Locationless


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If you select "run only once" do you have to delete it and start over if you want it to run again? Just a thought.


I would create another just in case. Did you do it late at night? Because the PQ generator is probably in a different time zone.

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I tried it again this morning and finally got a result, but it only had ONE cache in the query. I should be able to get them all since there are less than 500 (283, I believe).


This is the info I gave for the query:


Run Once

Selected type (locationless)

any container

I haven't found

Within-none selected (for all locations)

Origin-from home waypoint (you HAVE to have a beginning origin)

Within 100 miles (also has to be selected)

Placed-none selected (for any date)


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Instead of selecting home waypoint for origin, try selecting "States / Provinces" and then clicking the first and Shift-clicking the last (select all). You can bump the distance up (I'm not sure if this needed).

Yep...this is the way to do it. You should get 283 results.

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Tried it. Didn't work.  Still get just twelve.  The states/provinces is seperate from the origin portion.

Make sure you check the box next to States/Provinces and then select all of them. Also, for "From Origin" put a check next to None Selected.

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Also, you might need to delete your PQ and create a new one. There is a bug in the system that sometimes will not allow you to change some of the settings when you edit. They revert back to the settings before you edited them. (Jeremy...are you listening??)

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That's pretty much identical to what I've done, only if origin is "none selected" it doesn't let me proceed. I've also been creating a new query each time just to make sure. I have one more shot until midnight. I'll try one moe time.

You have as many "shots" as you want...don't select to have it emailed to you. Just look at the preview.

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You can also preview the results before you actually submit the query to process. I leave the day blank until I get the output I need. That way you don't waste one of the five.


Slow typist. Need to use more than one finger.

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