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Connection Between Ppc And Etrex Leg.

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um... :unsure:

Isn't your legend already a gps receiver?

Do you have the cable for the legend? (new ones come with this, if you don't have it, you can buy another one off ebay from gpsgeek for ~$12)


edit: Well maybe more than 12, If they ship to Hong Kong.

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Apparently there is no commercially available cable to connect the Asus with the Etrex, but you could make one. Look at your Etrex-PC cable and your Asus-PC cable (serial cable is needed, USB won't work) and find out how you can connect them.

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Pfranc sells cables, but you'll need to find a pfranc who makes custom cables to get one for an Asus. Or you can just buy connectors from pfranc.com and make your own, if you're at all handy with a soldering iron. It's not that hard to do, if you already have a cable that will connect to your PDA - you just cut off the old USB or whatever type plug it has and put the eTrex plug in its place. You'll have to find the pinouts for the PPC, though, and I don't know where that might be available. Google is the first place to go for that. The eTrex pinouts are on the Garmin site and in your owners manual, as well as on the pfranc site.
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the problem is that my ppc uses usb to connect 2 my computer,




great problem~

I'm not familiar with the PDA you are using, but I looked on their website and saw these accessories. If you look, they do a serial cable, so if you get one of those, you should just be able to connect it to the serial cable on your GPSr. You might need a null modem adaptor between the two cables to swap the TX and RX pins.

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My Palm also connects to my PC via USB, but the connector on the Palm is also a serial port. It should be the same for a PPC, the connector can function as either a serial or USB port, depending on how the cable connector is wired. If it can't do that, then it's a crippled PDA, but I'll bet it can.

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i saw a "Serial Cable" in that (ASUS) site...


do anyone of u know, can that PPC use the interface as a "PORT"??? eg, port 1, 2, 3...


so that it can read my GPS's NIME information...?


do anyone of you have this kind of experience??



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do anyone of u know, can that PPC use the interface as a "PORT"??? eg, port 1, 2, 3...


so that it can read my GPS's NIME information...?

Yes, it's a standard COM port for the PPC. It can use it without any problems. BTW that's NMEA.

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