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  1. I might still have a file I made up years ago, let me look when I get home tonight. local hikes most anything above 8k ft.
  2. Bingo! or, like me; I got a new computer and needed to re-load this 'feature' for GE and that is when I noticed it was gone. Of course, a quick google search today and its up and running again. got it off the GC website.
  3. you don't need to tell me about it. But they were all fun. I think its: "nothing … and everything." but I really like: "there can be only one."
  4. I'm no expert but I use coffeecup free editor, it seems to work.
  5. two things: - I don't care for this feature, but it's not my webpage - IF it is to be, THEN a date should be shown as to the current renewal date for the member AND a tick box provided to select in/out (it could occur that some popular person would end up with a century of gifted membership)
  6. not what you want but I found this. and you could try contacting each city, they may have something or at least start working on it. cool request, I'll have to check with my local service and see what they have. ADD: another link of some POI for public transportation at poi-factory.com
  7. That's only nine steps, I thought it was a 12 step process. keep it up, make yourself happy, don't hurt others; after all, variety is the spice of life.
  8. What I've done prior to going to a new area is use the google maps and the nearest cache listings to pick and choose the ones to try. Make a list of gotta do, might do, and will skip; then have at it. The idea of checking with the locals is also a good one.
  9. The recommendation from climbstuff is a great area for caching, hiking, and/or biking. Another is just north of there by GC2517. Either way, it'll be a good day.
  10. here's a site for lists for hikers/climbers, the coordinates are buried a little bit.
  11. Hah, very cool. (are those little cans just outside the CCCC?) Only thing I would change is make the first stage NOT a ammo can. That way, when its down to just one can left its still a multi.
  12. Some other sites to look at are: backpacker magazine trails_dot_com, for a fee. national geographic, I thought they had a site with trail downloads but I can't find it now.
  13. Tried it yesterday on a dry run and it works great. Just what I need for those webcams, been trying for awhile to get the one close to me. THANKS.
  14. Okay, one more thing I noticed. I logged an 'update coords' at one of my caches and had to edit the log soon after. I could not make the change with the new (now old) coords so I un-checked that option but coords were wanted for this log type so I edited my log and it wanted new coords so I un-checked the option... til finally my battery died.
  15. hmm, verry interesting.. (thanks)
  16. Two things I've noticed, maybe already addressed: 1) 'archived' icon used for 'maintenance' icon (?) see last two entries here. 2) on my account page, there sure is a lot of repetition, 'myname' did this; 'myname' did that; for each and every log entry. I like the way it is on the 'show all logs' page, much simpler.
  17. a screen capture program is a good solution. google it to find free ones.
  18. in-town caches are okay, but if you're after a hike... Do any in the city mountain parks, they won't last. If you have a little time (1 hr drive) head by this cache and do some. for short hikes, find the ones in the county parks.
  19. here's a bookmark, the first few are from the Denver area and a little different than those already listed. The challenge is to find a certain number of a specific type of cache.
  20. You should be able to view the route in google maps, I did. Once you have made a PQ of your route then goto your PQ page and select 'preview by google maps' button. that option appears to be available for all PQs.
  21. If you've downloaded the file from geocaching.com then you have the info you need. Mapsource lets you pick symbol/comment instead of symbol/name for dispay on the map (right click on the waypoint and pick waypoint properties). If you want all the information, you'll need the GPX format. I don't have my GPSr here, but there should be a way to do the same when you send data to the device.
  22. here's a cheap but effective method screw shoes
  23. I was going to mention local hikes, but since its already done how about Natl Geo MapXchange
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