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"unusual" Characters In Cache Name

The Wildleys
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We recently created a cache (our first!) called "Afternoon Tŷ". That last character is a lower-case 'y' with a circumflex/carat on top.


We tried two things, but we couldn't get this to show up correctly in the cache name (the big one at the top of the page).


First, we tried entering it as HTML: ŷ ;

(without the space before the semi-colon)


This didn't work. It showed up as the correct letter on the "edit cache" page, but, when we went to the normal view, it printed the HTML 'code' verbatim. :(


So we edited the page, and copied the character directly into the "nickname" box. When we viewed the page this time, the character was converted to a normal (circumflex-less) 'y', detracting significantly from the cleverness of our name. :(


Is there any way around this? Is there any way to get HTML into the cache name?


Thank you!

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(Okay, I'm from a country where we have three special letters in our language.)


But WHY? It will make a problem for people using PDAs etc while searching for them. The format of Ebooks (.prc) doesn't normally support that kind of special letters. It will make it difficult for people to search for the cache by name.


Also if someone wants to find the cache by using http://www.geocaching.com/seek and do a search of keyword, when they can't spell it as you did.

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I only want a y with circumflex. Is that so much different?

ŷ (y with circumflex) doesn't belong to the standard Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1) character set. It only exists in the Celtic (ISO 8859-14) set and in UNICODE / UTF-8.



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