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Can't Get Lock

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Don't know the GPS you have.


If it is doing this, take the GPS out to an open area, put it down on a surface, then Turn it on, then let it aquire a good alminac of the positions and health of each satellite. Don't stand over the GPS. A GPS thats turned on while moving will give crappy reading all day, this is true with every GPS ive had. You may also have to reset the GPS then leave it out stationary to aquire properly for at least 10 minutes.

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My GPS was working yesterday but today, I couldn't get a lock all day.

Do clouds etc affect that?

No, clouds do not noticeably affect a GPS, but a wet forest sure will!


There are many factors that can impair a GPS fix. The main thing is that you have a clear view of the sky from about 15 degrees above the imaginary level horizon all directions (ideal). If you're near hills and what not, that greatly limits how much sky your unit can see. If there are not enough satellites in the part of the sky it can see, or if they are lined up poorly, you won't be able to get a good fix.

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I use a DConnex bluetooth GPS with my iPaq 4150.

Its been drizzling the last few days. Today I put it out in the field, good horizontal view in most directions. 10min but no fix.


On the ipaq, the info shows drawings of several sats, but still says no fix.


When I first got it last week, I was able to get 1st fix in 2min outside my house, standing just outside the building - ie no horizontal view for that side at all.

It's been 3 days now since I last got a fix...

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I once had a similar problem with my CF GPS device. After not using it for about two weeks, I couldn't get a fix, even after fifteen minutes and under perfect conditions. What I did is that I initiated a "cold start" using the utility that came with the device. After that, I got a perfect lock within two minutes.

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Well, the device has a light showing fixes even when not con- to the ipaq. It didn't come with any software as such, other than a diagnosis utility.


At last, I got a fix today. There was nothing special about today, and I did it just outside a building, so there would have been 50 or 60° blocked out from that direction. It took about five minutes. It was cloudy, but not raining.


I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working the day after I was using it normally. And I have no idea why it started working again today.


I did try using a cold start during the time it wasn't working, but it didn't help. Of course, the utility which came with this thing doesn't look too polished, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually didn't work.

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