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Ique 3600 Is Being Wierd!

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O.K...It quit charging on the cradle...Garmin sent me a new cradle (very quickly, I might add) still wouldn't charge in the cradle. I plug the charger directly into the iQue and it charges...No problem. So, Garmin has me send the iQue back. They sent a new one (very quickly, I might add). It won't charge in the cradle either! I have now had 2 different iQues and currently have 2 different cradles and it won't charge or HotSync! I can't call garmin, they're closed tonight. Anyone have any ideas?

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The only thing I can think of is either the IQue is not sitting in the cradle correctly, or your outlet isn't putting out any power. Is there a lightswitch that needs to be flipped?


Edited to add that the real hint is you can't hotsync. So that indicates to me you're not setting the IQue into the cradle completely.

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I know that mine sometimes leans a little to the left in the cradle, and thus doesn't make good contact. If I straighten it up, the green LED at the top lights up again. It's pretty particular about how it sits in the cradle.


I was going to suspect a bad cable at the computer end, but the way the power cable plugs into the USB plug in a "Y" configuration with cradle's cable - and the cradle was replaced. The USB port does not need to be plugged into the computer to charge the iQue (mine is currently disconnected). I think it's very unlikely that both cradle cables would be defective.


It's gotta be the way it sits in the cradle.

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Is your USB port functioning correctly? That is, can you plug something else into the port and it work? I have USB ports go wonky on me after a while. "Wonky" is an engineering term meaning "it don't work right".


Do you have a hotsync cable (not cradle) that you can attach? If so, can you hotsync that way? Sorry for what may be a stupid question, I have only marginal experience with the iQue but 7 years experience with Palms. I find that if I can't make a cradle work, I try using the hotsync cable instead.


How about doing a hard reset on the iQue and then trying. Maybe one of the apps you are installing is clogging up the hotsync I/O. Only do this if you have a good backup. Push the reset pin and hold down the power at the same time. When you let off the reset pin, let off the power. You will get a confirmation message and then it will reset everything back to factory. You data and all your programs will be gone, but you may find that you can hotsync again and hopefully get all your data back.


Good luck.



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Another DA question... are you sure you have the other end of the cradle plugged into the system and the power cord with the power plugged into the wall?

Not dumb questions at all! Never overlook the obvious! The thing is, the iQue will charge when plugged into the charger directly, but as soon as I unplug the charger from the iQue and plug it into the cradle and put the iQue onto the cradle, it won't charge anymore. Furthermore, it does this with both cradles and even after getting a new iQue from Garmin! Go figure!
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I haven't even been able to get any apps. on it yet! I took the new (replacement)unit from the box, placed it in the cradle to do it's first HotSync, and no go! I don't have a cable to HotSync with, just the cradle. I could imagine a bad cradle, but not two in a row. I could imagine a bad iQue, but not two in a row! Speaking of "wonky" I'm getting there over this! I really appreciate the thoughts on this!

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