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200th Benchmark!


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I have reached a sort of milestone and am pretty dang happy with myself. Today I snagged my 200th (and 201st, 202nd and 203rd). I was trying to save the 200th for a triangulation station, my favorite marks to find, but would up passing The Mercersburg Church Spire, JV4766 and had to take a pic of it.

Those of you who actually read my postings will probably see the irony in the fact that a watershed benchmark find was one that I least enjoy (see my posting on "drivebys"), but I couldn't cheat--this was the 200th and it will remain the 200th. In the true spirit of driveby benchmarking this picture was taken out of a car window, although I was stopped.

Stay tuned for my 300th! I managed 200 in 4 months. I guess I should be checking back in with number 200 in August! :huh:

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I'm glad to see the active benchmarkers continue to hit milestones like this. Congratulations to both of you and I hope to see many more milestones during the coming active summer months. Except, of course, for those areas where the summer is not the best time of the year to be benchmarking. :lol:

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When I was freezing to death in March I kept hoping for summer to arrive. Now that it is here I keep finding benchmark locations where I feel it will be much easier to return in the fall or winter once the weeds and poison ivy die down. Summer might be a nice time to be out but it can sure make spotting some benchmarks much harder. Still, I will keep at it.

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I been at it for years spoo.

I had an advantage before geocaching came along,I was already finding them as a part of a mapping project,I am still working on.


Man from what I started with to today is quite a bit different.


I use to hunt them when the S.A. was still turned on.

Talk about fun?????? it was no fun to have to do it that way but,

I got it done and today with the WASS its a snap.


Thanks for the uplift.


You will get there.......... ;) keep up your good work too. :)

It is like learning a new job the first 100 days is a nightmare then the next 100 you know what to do. :D


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I hit 239 the other day, and am proud to have recovered a "Not Found" from 1995. The disk was indeed there but was under some dirt and mulch. The business owner was happy to let me search, but it was a home builder so they know how important surveys are.

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I posted my 100th find on July 10th, with almost 200 posts, plus some benchmarks that aren't on the list to round it out to about 200, as well! This was done in about 6 months.


For me, it was relatively easy to get to this number, since I work and live near Boston, which had many parts densely populated with benchmarks, many unexplored. But, a lot of effort went into searching, since so many benchmarks have been removed (recovery rate is about 50%).


I've been taking a little break from benchmarking, partly because the DNC is in town (I don't want to try to explain to any security about a digital camera, a GPS, a Palm Pilot, and why would I want to be taking pictures of benchmarks around the city, especially near the harbor), and partly because it took trying to find at least 20 benchmarks to get the last 7. But, the reward for my efforts is that I was first to find 34 benchmarks. The next 100 will probably not have as many first finds.

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Thanks K&S, but in the last 5 weeks I added 64, so I am up to 264 as of today. They are getting harder and harder as I have to travel farther away from home, so there is no such thing as heading out for an hour to grab a few any more!

I have to plan my trips now. Still, I see getting to 300 by some time in August.

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Yes mloser, my circle is also expanding. I started searching by bicycling around my neighborhood but have long since found the easy ones within a bicycle ride of home. Soon I will need to drive and stay overnight in order to be in fresh territory. Enjoy your searches! :blink:


And congrats. NorStar on your first 100! :blink:

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Wow, do you all realize how much fun we are having hunting & logging all of the different styles (some of the best are the OLD ones) & whether we are finding or not or just being able to make a note that the mark is missing & probably destroyed? Plus, it IS about the numbers with benchmarks. Just think what the cachers are missing!


Detective work---Great! :blink:



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SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! They might cach on. B)

The real hidden little treasures those 3" disc's :blink: and chisled squares :blink: and cross's :D .

Some of the Oldest Churches :D and Buildings :P in the Nation not to mention a few others.

I am getting like happycycler :D they are getting farther away and have to plan out trips.

But here I been doin it a while the rural areas are not heavily benchmarked. just the major triangulation stations.

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So far, I'm at negative one with benchmark finds. LOL.

I might go out and look for some more of them, but I much prefer Caching for the simple fact that we know where we placed them and whether or not they're there or not... Benchmarks are more of a guessing game (am I not finding the benchmark because I'm not looking hard enough, or am I not finding it because it's destroyed) - can't call the gov't for verification..


But it's good to see people are enjoying this so much.

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