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Triangulation For Dummies ?

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With all these waypoint management type programs we've downloaded... I'm wondering if any of them can do triangulation?


Or is there something I can download off the web?


Trying to work on a local cache. I understand the basics of triangulation...but don't know what tools to use to figure it out.


Help! And keep it SIMPLE please! Thanks. :lol:

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Some mapping programs such as TOPO! allow you to manually do triangulation, using the compass tool. Set the waypoints and put a line from each at the specified bearings and mark where they cross. I also used this tool on a cache where each waypoint specified a distance to the cachepoint.


If you are in the field, you can do triangulation with nothing other than your GPSr, if you have each waypoint and their bearings to the triangulation/cachepoint.


Let us know what kind of triangulation/what info is given.

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OK, this is the cache.



Without giving too much away, I know we are "given" 3 sets of co-ordinates. It also needs to take into account that the earth is not flat.


We've searched the web, but find VERY complicated survey type programs.


I just want a SIMPLE trilateration excel spreadsheet type thingy. LOL


Can anyone help?

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:) I feel really stupid. I'm always up for a math problem, but when I look at the cache page, all I see are the place-holder coords. I don't see any other coords or vectors. Where are they, or do we have to be really smart and come up with them on our own?

Exactly. I was doing the same thing for a few days. Then realized --- OK --- what do we actually KNOW about this cache & travel bug......now go read it again....reading everything we know.


That's all I'm saying for now.

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