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Magellan And Topo

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I contacted Garmin to ask when they would be doing the same and they said:


We are curious as to where you saw the advert for the Magellan TOPO mapping

as far as we know they cannot release any TOPO mapping using Ordinance

Survey data for the same contractual reasons we cannot.


Because of this we will not announce any release of a TOPO UK product until

the agreements have been signed and the data released to us.


Looks like they are trying to get it too.



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Looks like Magellan beat Garmin to the release. Checked today and only 10 left on GPS site. It has been posted to me and on it's way so will write a comment on it once I have read instructions and downloaded a section. I hope it will be useful not only for geocaching but on my little bicycle rides on holiday so I have also ordered a bike handlebar holder! I only do short daily rides but I am apt to get lost frequently and the Mapping in the Sportrak as it stands has only mostly major roads. I travel around the UK on holiday so do not have all the OS maps with me. Maybe this will help me get back to base.

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Don't no what scale it is, but I would guess it is pretty much based on OS landranger series. If you want street mapping (as opposed to topo) you need "MapSend Streets Europe" which ok for street navigation (includes all street names) but is of little help once off of the roads i.e. on footpaths, bridleways etc. If it includes all the detail of Fugawi or Memory Map along with being able to upload maps to the GPSr it would appear to be a relative bargain.

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The spec says "all of UK on one CD". So it can't have all the detail of Memory Maps, as that takes 12 CD's for the whole of the UK (and would require a huge memory card for the GPS to hold all the data). From the picture on the web site it looks like a simplified version of the OS map but at a useful scale. It's what we've been waiting for though - I considered buying the colour Magellan but was put off by the lack of available UK maps.


I can link my Geko 201 to my PDA with Memory Maps runnning and this gives a better system, but is awkward in the field because you have to handle 2 units and a lead. This would be neater.


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I doubt if it includes the Isle of Man , Mr Seasider, as on the Magellan the Isle of man has no roads. Just a sploge in the Sea. Not needed for the Isle of Man. My use is for wandering travels in England, Scotland and Wales. If not suitable will have to fork out for Tom Tom and PDA. How many caches this weekend?

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I contacted Garmin to ask when they would be doing the same and they said:

Got a similar response from Garmin, generally they don't seem to believe that Magellan have OS Topo for the UK, as Garmin haven't signed anything.


As for the Magellan TOPO mapping as far as we know they cannot release any

TOPO mapping using Ordinance Survey data for the same contractual reasons we



Because of this we will not announce any release of a TOPO UK product until

the agreements have been signed and the data released to us.


Anyone know if there are some comparison screenshots for the Mapsend UK Topo with a real OS map. I'd be interested to know how much detail they've actually managed to include, considering it's only a single CD.





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I saw the GB topo mapping demonstrated at the outdoor show at the NEC in February. The product was supposed to have been launched at that time but was stuck in a container somewhere at sea.


I understood from the stand rep that it contained all roads, lanes, paths, rivers and contours. It was also declared to be the ideal product for geocaching and country walking.


This I take with a pinch of salt! I bought magelan's mapsend worldwide basemap to supplement my US version sportrak pro. This was a big disappointment due to the amount of mapping information missing. For example the A road I live on does not appear. Neither does a number of quite large towns. The effect of this is that often the GPSr is no better than its non-mapping entry level model.


From the sales pitches/blurb, it was impossible to tell that the preloaded basemap of the Euro model was different to the equivalent area on the supplementary worldwide basemap. Magellan have since commented that 'there is not a big difference. You have a little bit more roads on the basemap of the GPS'.


The point I am making is that there is something of a credibility gap between the sales pitch and reality. I think I will wait for someone else to pay the £110 odd to test it out!



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Well I did fork out the loot.

Ist evaluation. It is very stylised mapping. Contours fine but roads etc are lines. First appearence is not like that of Memory Map or an OS map BUT all the information is there albeit not as one would expect. As the magellan screen is small the info can be difficult to read, on magnification though I was surpised to see even some little lanes actually had the names of them, eg, Hedgerow lane.

First thoughts are that for caching/walking you would be better off with Memory map and PDA. I can see this Magellan Topo though being of use to me for my little cycle forays, maybe saving me from getting lost. Good database for finding places and things on the Magellan.

Topo disc Program loaded well onto PC. Interface good. Problems started when I wanted to download to Magellan. With the Topo disc came an upgrade disc for the Magellan. Upgrade was to 4.06. My Magellan already had 4.10 so upgrade not necessary. Tried to download map section not possible as magellan needs to be 5.01. AARRGH. Went to Magellan site and download upgrade to 5.01 (despite site saying not needed for Europe) to PC. Surprisingly the upgrade to the Magellan worked with no hitches (heart in mouth at this point). The only problem with these upgrades is that you have to Clear the memory of the Magellan before you start which means you lose all your preferences, waypoints and routes. In my case I did not have many of the latter but if you have loads of important stuff it could be fustrating. That only happens on the upgrading not downloading maps.

I downloaded a mapping section of Arnside Peninsula (been there)= 196kb as per usual the mapping does not cover the Isle of Man (home) and as the memory of the magellan has 21mb you should be able to download a fair patch of Mapping.

Contours look good, a little difficult to see which are paths /tracks although the Magellan tells you what they are at the bottom of the screen.

No doubt with use these features will become more obvious.

So there you are folks. Seeing as I will not be able to use the mapping until in the UK in July maybe some other purchaser could try it out in the field and evaluate.

I will endevour to evaluate futher in the Summer.

PS. I am still saving up for Tom Tom and PDA!

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To add to my previous posting evaluation. Now had time to check Magellan Database searches. Excellant Database on downloaded map on Magellan.

Not only the A and B roads but named lanes. Also points of interest such as the nature reserves, Camping and Caravan sites etc. Also if you have the cursor on a path/road press enter you can check the elevation profile of the path, which means I can assess step hills on my bike, ie. do I get off and walk now or shall I try to cycle. Mostly the former.

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Getting more used to the mapping now. It does have London Streets in a stylised fashion and all towns and cities same. .Also to my surprise names of towns and small villages on the Isle of man, but not the full works like contours and roads. Easy to download maps although only one section at a time. Easy to mark Waypoints and routes to upload/download to GPS. I am beginning to think that maybe it is quite good value. (I am not in the pay of Mapsend!)

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