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Not A Gps.....but

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I realize that this is a GPS garage sale, but I have a handheld that I have been using for geocaching, but don't need anymore.

It is a barely used Visor Platinum and is in excellent condition. It has the manual, the hot-sync cable and a fellows rubber case. Everything is in excellent working condition.

I have replaced it with a Tungsten T-3 because I wanted the ability to store more maps.

Anyone interested, please let me know.

I'm asking $50 plus s/h.



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I don't have the money for a visor anymore anyway... I dropped and broke my 600 dollar digi cam after my last geocaching adventure... After more than 8 hours of working on it, I'm starting to believe it will never work again. I do however now know how to completely take a part [and put back together] a Canon Power Shot S40 that's got to be worth something...

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