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Cache Description From Gpx File

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Ok... probably been asked before (I did try doing the forum searches) but I need some help.


What I would like to do is take a gpx file and get the info for the cache, including the full text description and not the logs and be able to print out the info for selected caches... I've downloaded and looked at the gpx results in GSAK and clayjars "watcher", but I don't see how to get it done (I could be dense... so pointing out the obvious will not offend me).


Markwelling responses are happily accepted.



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If I am understanding you want to be able to print out the cache page without any logs - just like it is possible to do online from geocaching.com if you choose - 'printer friendly with no logs'


I can get GSAK to print it with 1 log - but seems that there is no option for 0 logs. That may be the best solution for now. Just go in to Tools / Options / HTML / Number of Logs. Change it to 1.


Maybe you can ask Clyde to add a 0 logs option?

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How about:

Highlight what you want..

Right Click...



Well... that's fine for individual caches, but when you are trying to put together a binder so you can have the info available when you are out and about is a different matter... and yes I know that putting it out to PDA is just as quick a solution.


I'm not a script writer or I would strip the info my self... I was just curious if anyone had already done something like that :tongue:

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The 'text' and 'html' output formats of GPSBabel do not output logs and have a very dense format that works well for printing. If you are on an OS that doesn't natively have tools for multi-column output, you might consider sucking the result into a word processor and settting multi-column before printing.




GCJB4Q            N36 15.793  W86 42.273  (16S 526539 4013184)

1-800-MY-PUPPY by Bulli the Wonder Dog, Traditional Cache (1/1)


This cache is basically a "drive-up and go" as well as wheelchair accessible.


This is in tribute to all the effort that went into the Dalmation series.  I, Bu

lli the Wonder Dog, love this series and wanted to help out where I could. I was

looking for a place to contact all those Dalmatians that have been on the loose

and I found it.  You are looking for something small and black-it will be obvio

us when you drive by.  There is only a log so bring your phone book and a pen.


GC3479            N34 35.664  W86 59.267  (16S 501120 3828065)

Go Fly A Kite by Marco..adopted by La Paloma, Traditional Cache (3/1)


This is a micro-cache in a field.


This field is visited by Kite Flyers whenever there is a breeze blowing.  Do not

step on their kite strings and they are easy to get along with.


Hint: The film canister is buried with only the top showing. Try walking around

bare footed and you will step on it.




I just pulled 422 caches this way into staroffice, set it for 8 points and two columns. Print preview says it's 59 pages, so that's about 7 caches per page.

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