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  1. The palm VII only has 2 meg of user ram. It can be done, but you won't be able to do much else. I would get Cachemate and then see how much memory you have left for actual caches. You might be limited to 20-30, but that might be ok for starters.
  2. Yes, I believe Cachemate has a Pocket PC Version. GSAK is a computer program, not a PDA program. You do not NEED it. It is a great program, but not REQUIRED for paperless caching.
  3. Sorry, mine arrived this morning.
  4. I'm trying to get a answer from Palm, but here goes! Can I sync BOTH a IIIxe (Serial) and a T|X (USB) on the same computer? First page of the "Read this first" says ""sync your current handheld so that it is up to date. THEN install the new software, otherwise, your new handheld won't work correctly. 2. Am I going to have to give them each a unique name?
  5. Already have a IIIxe. This is a NEW one.
  6. I went to buy a T|X last night. Out of stock.
  7. Ok. got my refund yesterday. I'm thinking about something to replace my IIIxe. Just this weekend I had to remove some things to get everything else I wanted on it. Only 8 meg. Want to stay with Palm, Color ok. Any suggestions?
  8. This one is at 37N52.295 122W15.594, at the intersection of University Dr. and Sather Rd on the UC Berkeley campus. The pic's not too clear; the name on it is David I. Russell, the horizontal set of numbers is 8 [something smudged out] 48, and the lower set of figures reads (near as I can make out) L.S. 3174. I couldn't view the jpg, but David J. Russell is a retired Land Surveyor from Mendecino, CA. So this could be anything, as I am known to set mine helter skelter across the area also.
  9. Question No. 5: Parker-Kalon Masonry Nail, sold out of KY. Used by surveyors for all kinds of things. Sometimes used as important points, mostly used as temporary (3-5 yr) points.
  10. ATC, if all you want are nearby caches you don't really need to convert. While 27 and 83 are different, they are still within the ballpark. I would use them for searching. You will need to convert min/sec to dec minutes.... divide the seconds by 60 to get decimal minutes 42d34m45s = 42d34.75m....
  11. I use other hardware through these com ports with no difficulty. GoodRaymondo: What other hardware?
  12. Welcome. Download Easygps, open the loc in that. Configure EasyGPS to communicate with your GPSR and send the waypoint(s) to it through your serial post. If you have any problems, we'll help you along.
  13. Summary of Public Open Space Properties Property Fairgrounds Park Rabbit Mountain Open Space Lagerman Reservoir Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat Legion Park Rock Creek Farm Walker Ranch Betasso Preserve Bald Mountain Scenic Area Pella Crossing Beech Open Space Hall Ranch Heil Valley Ranch Niwot Loop Trail Coal Creek Trail
  14. Do you have a Palm that is waiting for the port? If so, you need to exit the hot sync program to free up the com.
  15. Looks like a fine recovery to me. Now you are ready to find one that is not "PROJECTING 6 INCHES", but rather "6 INCHES BELOW GRADE"! -WR You realy think that they are below grade? Here is one that i have been looking for. there are no whitness posts, no plastic pipe and i have mesured a line from the other mark noted, and i have measured from the RXR tracks, the only thing i didn,t do was dig down. Is this an active track? Rails still there? Watch out for trespass and the RR Police.
  16. Found over 5 on Saturday. True the conversion of old railroad to ATV trail helped, but at least three of them were in mowed yards.
  17. The adjusted coordinates are for vertical only. Horizontal is scaled +/- 6 seconds. Using Corpscon I get +/- 750 feet. Appears to be in somebodies front yard by the description. Last updated 1962. Has the road intersection moved?
  18. N 39° 33' 00" W 105° 03' 36" 0.55 * 60= 33' 0.06 * 60= 03.60 0.60 * 60=36 (03' 36')
  19. In GSAK, file export cachemate.PBD. That will convert and ready for hotsync. Then hotsync. Then within cachemate you should be led to do some type of attach/convert/load. (can't remember the term. but it should automatically ask you.
  20. Triangulation is based on triangles. Not quite. If I am standing at 'A' and get a compass reading to 'B' and 'C' (two objects of known location), I can determine my location (accurate to the compass). With GPS and Geocaching, the idea is "if the cache 'C' is N45°E from this tree and N45°W from that tree, then it must be here". Yes you really need a compass, but then you should already have one. This of course also needs the belief that the bearing to the coordinate is more accurate than the distance to the coordinate.
  21. The "accuracy" of todays units is +/- 3 to 15 meters. That's 10 to 50 feet. If you are looking to find an "A" order surveying point with coordinates to .001 feet you could conceivably be away from this point by 10 to 50 feet. If I use my HH GPSr and give you a coordinate it can be expected to be 10-50' away from the highly correct .001 foot coordinate. If you then try to find it with a different configuration of satelites, I would expect you to be away by 10-50 feet. If I am away by 10 feet and you are away by 10 feet, we could still be apart by 20 feet. Notice I an using "away". I am not right, you are not right. We are not using equipment with the ability to be right. Our equipment is very suceptible to multipath interference and signal blockage. You are right 50 feet is a large distance but it is possible.
  22. This is a supreme court state boundary marker. 36° 59.621' by 104° 19.811'. Between Colorado and New Mexico.
  23. When you ask for the P.Q., you need to specify a .gpx file, not a .loc file and suggestions are made to get it zipped.
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