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T-bug Lost

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I know this had probably been brought up before. I'm just not sure where to look.


I noticed a new thread on the NW forums. Some person lost a T-Bug and was asking if anyone knew this particular person that had it last. Then asked for advice.

I wasn't sure how to answer.


I don't have many T-Bugs, but the couple I have are special. One in particular was a figure of a football player that had the gold and purple. Since we are fans on the UW Huskies I called him "Go Huskies". Well, the first person to pick him up was UW-Dawg! He got his picture taken next to UW-Dawgs helmet and memorabilia :D


Anyway... he ended up in a cache in North Pole, Alaska. Some guy that had only a couple finds grabbed him. This was June last year. I have written him many times. No response.


So... do you just give up OR is there a way that you can ask Groundspeak to try to at least locate the person?


Any advice or direction would be appreciated! :huh:


Donna (WD)

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an age old question.


there's not much you can do. some people try geocaching, take a bug, then never do it again, and don't respond to emails, assuming that GS's emails even make it through their spam filters. You're out of luck here.


One thing you can do is to 'make' another travel bug dog tag using an image of your copy tag. scan it or try to replicate it with a paint program, print it out and laminate it or just cover it with a layer or two of clear packing tape. Then affix it to another of the same or similar item. 'Grab' the TB from the deadbeat and re-release it into the wild. I've done this and it's your best bet, imo.

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Most geocachers don't know this, but each dog tag has a small IC implanted in it. As long as the dog tag is in the sun, with the dog tag # facing up, it transmit it GPS location once a week to the global satelite phone system (not the GPS satelites). Version 2.0 has a small solar panel on both sides, so it does not require that the tag # be facing up.


All existing dog tags are version 1.0. 2.0 is due for wide spread release at the end of the quarter. Unfortunetly, the price of travel bug tags will going up by at least 75 cents.


For a reliable signal, both version 1.0 & 2.0 need to have a clear view of at least 50% of the sky.


Only the original dog tag has this IC implant, the COPY does not. This is to avoid possible problems caused by 2 tags transmitting the same ID. The technology used would then average the location of the 2 tags. Of course that location would not help you find either tag.


If you look closely, the IC is implanted in the middle of the 'A' in the phrase 'THE TRAVEL BUG' imprinted on the dog tag. Early version of 1.0 had production problems, the chip may have fallen out.


To see your travel bug locartion, go to your bugs page. You will be able to see the location in the upper right corner. If no signal is received (because solar panel is facing down, or blocked), nothing will appear in the upper right corner, but you will be able to read the logs to find out where it was last. Check often. If a signal is received one week, its location will be displayed, but if in the next week, no signal is received, only the logs are available.


Hope this information helps,



Department of Advanced Geocaching Technology

Yes, we do have technology in North Dakota.

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Well those meanies Will get theirs. Even if they never think of it again, the behavior is the issue, and they will continue that type of inconsiderate, irresponsible behavior, until the karma train runs them down. soooo, small solace that it is, they will get theirs. never fear.


I am about to set my own bugs free, so think happy thoughts for me. ;)



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