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Foretrex Power Plug

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Has anyone found a dc adapter for the fortrex 201? If not does anyone know what voltage it is or if its an unusual plug?


I like the idea the 101 using AAA's but I don't like the idea of the 101 being .3 inches thicker.


edit: Well its 5v but what plug does it use? It would be incredibly lucky if it uses the same plug as an ipaq since that is also 5v and I have several of those.

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Well DC cables are available. PC-Mobile I'm not sure why Garmin doesn't offer one. I'm trying to sort through that page to see if they are compatible with the Ipaq but since I know they are available and reasonably priced I'm not as afraid to order the fortrex as I was.


The only thing I don't like now is that it appears that the foretrex requires it to be snapped into its cradle to connect cables. It looks similar to the gecko connection but it must not be the same or places like PC mobile that sell the cables would tell you if it worked. If its in its cradle I don't think you can wear it.


PC mobile also sells the battery extender and claims it works with the foretrex. This makes the rechargeable unit more desirable than the AAA unit, at least to me. Also since the 101 is .3 inches thicker the 201 is smaller.

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