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Foretrex 101

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i've been toying with the idea to get one of the new garmin foretrex 101 gpsr. has anyone used one? i like the idea of strapping one on the wrist...moving around or running, then able to plot your route, speed, and distance. the replaceable batteries rather than worrying about recharging while in the field. nihm batteries as spares would be a great system. any advice is welcome. thanks.

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I bought a Forerunner 201 (not foretrex) in January to use while training to run a marathon this spring, as well as for geocaching. This is basically the same as the Foretrex except Nimh rather than replacable batteries, and foretrex has WAAS.


I don't cache that often, but when I have the forerunner has performed very well for me. I've been pleased with it.


The on screen mapping is pretty weak, but I normally only follow the directional arrow and bearing...


I don't know that it'd be my first choice as a geocaching only gps, but the forerunner works great as a training aid and a basic gps, and I consider it to be $125 well spent.

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One other thing I just remembered.


With the forerunner line, I believe the model that uses AAA batteries (I believe its the 101) rather than the rechargeable also does not have a PC interface cable. For geocaching, that would be a dealbreaker for me. Manually entering the waypoints is a pain. Having the interface cable allows you to transfer waypoints from software such as GSAK directly to the unit.


If it were a choice between PC interface and removable/rechargeable batteries, I'd make sure you got the pc interface.

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As far as I know the foretrex 101 hasn't been shipped yet. GPS City shows a May 14 ship date. I just ordered a 201. I didn't like the rechargeable battery and the fact that it didn't have a dc charger but I have found solutions to both of these.


PC Mobile Sells a DC adapter and they sell a battery extender that uses AA's to recharge your foretrex battery. I've been meaning to order the battery extender anyway for my Ipaq so that I don't get stuck in the field without a backup battery for it.


I'd rather have the thinner foretrex with the rechargeable integrated as long as I had a way to car charge it and a battery backup. The lack of car charging would have been a deal breaker for me.

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thanks for the info on the foretrex 201. since i have a 60cs, i will use the foretrex mainly while hiking, walking, and jogging...i too, think the thinner size would be best and only thought i would not want to be out in the "wild" and batteries go down. i think the dc charger would do fine for in the field charging of the 201. i saw on another post that you have ordered the foretrex 201...please give us a review after you've had time to put it in use...thanks again.

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