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Plotting Points In Topo

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OK, I've got my new copy of TOPO USA 5.0. Can anyone out there tell me a way to take a GPX or LOC file and bring it into TOPO. I know that you can transfer the points to a GPSr and then from the GPSr bring them into TOPO, but I'm looking for a way to accomplish this without having to hook up cables. I'm just lazy and the only thing I want to bend over to grab from my easy chair is another cold drink. Also since I'm lazy, please give specifics. For instance, if you tell me to use Babel, then please tell me which output formats to use.

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It sure would be nice if there were some real user documentation for gpsbabel.


I fiddled with this same problem and have found no evidence that gpsbabel supports Topo USA 5.0 waypoints files yet. Waypoints are kept in a binary draw file with and file extension of an1. The only thing referencing Delorme Topo USA is the xmap format which is a CSV file.


However, in Topo USA it is possible to import waypoint files from earlier version and from Street Atlas and some other programs. I'm going to try using gpsbabel to create one of those others to import.

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Nothing for TopoUSA directly, but I used GSAK to import a gpx file, then exported to Street Atlas TXT format.


Open the TXT file in TopoUSA with the Draw Tab, Import, Text File filter. I specified degrees, minutes for coords and WGS84 datum in TopoUSA. It looks like it worked ok.


For the lazy and command-line impaired, I would recommend GSAK as your babel interface. :)

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Perhaps an answer will appear here or here in the next few days.


Interesting that when I try to import some waypoint file of unknown format, a message box pops up saying: "Visit www.delorme.com for information about other DeLorme products that offer unlimited importability of database files." So far I haven't found the end of whatever rainbow this crock hides under. The box didn't give a difficulty rating for this find. :)


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