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  1. Paperless caching... My setup and recommendations... A PDR (I suggest a ppc) GSAK (latest version 3.0) or GPX spinner Isilo X and Isilo (there are other ways... can use Clayjar or other similar proggies) and of course a GPS unit. There are multiple (and confusing) ways to do this, but I download a pocket query (GPX format) from GC.com and load it into GSAK. Output to HTML and compile using IsiloX. Then transfer into the PPC and use Isilo to read the file. WORKS GREAT! DrBC
  2. Legend! I have used other systems, and I have yet to come across one that truly surpasses my Garmin Legend. The maps are good, the accuracy is good, the memory is good. The price is good. DrBC
  3. I have tried all the above programs except National Geographic products. I agree with all the above, and I would add that there is an EXCEPTIONAL program available on the net called TOPOFUSION. Definately try this thing. Automatically downloads all the available topo maps in different resolutions and ariel photos to boot! AWESOME! DrBC http://www.topofusion.com
  4. Hello all... I have been geocaching for about a year now, and have found/logged about 50 caches (would be alot more, but work is a *****). Now... I have found myself wishing for some things that would make life better and easier for all of us... some of these may already be available, and if so, please let me know. I would like to see a program (preferably free) that displays terraserver topo and aerial photo info on the ppc (ipaq). GPX overlays would be great. Mapopolis with the new gpx to maplet program is awesome, but the coordinates it displays are of a different datum, and I have been unable to easily convert them for input into my garmin legend when necessary. If anyone knows of an easy solution, please let me know. I have heard that a ppc version of ExpertGPS is in the works, and it would solve my problems... but the e-mail I got from them stated "not in 2003". Bummer. With that said, this is an awesome site, an awesome activity, and an awesome community. It has given me countless hours of enjoyment and discovery, and for that I thank you! DrBC
  5. In regards to nightmares and guns... I was approaching a cache hidden about 300 feet into the woods just off a newly formed trail in Rochester Michigan. I had been looking for the hiding spot for about 15 minutes (garmin under heavy tree cover) when I heard too male voices approaching. They seemed angry and although I couln't quite clearly hear the conversation, they seemed to be arguing. I then heard a loud report which was very much like gunfire. The voices began yelling and I began to briskly walk out of the area. About 45 seconds later another report. I never caught site of the people, and got out of there quick. I remember quite clearly wishing I had my pistol on that hike, as it was about 1/2 mile down the trail to the trailhead, and I had no idea if anyone had seen me. Michigan requires CCW for carrying, and I do not have one... but I might just apply.
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