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Dock your iPAQ to the PC. Then, open up My Computer. In addition to icons for your floppy drive, CD Drive, hard drive, etc., you should have an additional one for your ipaq. It's only there when the ipaq is docked. You can use it to browse the contents of the ipaq just like it was a harddrive. Navigate to where you want to place the GPX file (probably somewhere under "Storage Card" since since .gpx files can be large), then just drag/drop the .GPX file there. I keep my .gpx under \Storage Card\My Documents\Geocaching.

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I had tried that but it didn't work.

First off if you copied it successfully to your PDA you would know as soon as it finished copying the file with no errors.


Where you copied it to on your PDA could make a difference. I sync files on my and so in the My Documents directory is one for my PDA and I copy the GPX there and it copies the file to the My Documents directory of my PDA's main memory.


Jeeters copies it to a sub directory off the My Documents directory on his SD Card.


The key here is the My Documents directory of your PDA's main memory or SD Card. Some program (and I wish they all did this) will only look in that directory and sub directories for data files.


You may have copied it to a part of your SD card that wasn't under the My Documents directory.


This is just a guess as I don't have a lot of information to work from in your post other than you tried out something.


One last thing if your SD card doesn't have a My Documents directory you can format it using a formating tool to have one. Your main memory will always have one.

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if your SD card doesn't have a My Documents directory you can format it using a formating tool to have one.

You can do it from the iPAQ by starting its File Explorer, browsing to the Storage Card, then selecting "New Folder" from the Edit menu.


Or you can do it from the PC using Windows Explorer or My Computer and browsing to the storage card like in my earlier post and then creating the folder from there.

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OK. With some help from NCBeisers I got it figured out. What I had to do was open ActiveSync and explore from there. Then I had to open Windows Explorer on the computer. Therefore I in effect had 2 explorer windows open.

Then it was a simple drag and drop.

Thanks for everyone's help :huh:

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