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Will Pda Talk To Ppc?

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My fiancee has a Visor edge PDA, while I'm looking to buy the Viewsonic v36. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience trying to beam files from a PDA to PPC or vise versa. Will a database file (for example) from her PDA work on my PPC? Totally new to the whole thing so please forgive my utter ignorance. Thanks in advance!

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A PPC is a PDA, and so is a Palm, a Sony, and every other handheld. PDA is a general term for Personal Digital Assistant, and includes all operating systems. :rolleyes:


To answer your question, Palm and WinCE/PocketPC are different operating systems, and files and programs compiled for one won't work on the other. If you want to exchange files, you need to get a PalmOS unit, not a PPC. Or else buy her a PPC, too.

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I have heard that beaming a contact works fairly well even across platforms.  However I have never had a need to beam so all I've got to offer is hearsay.

Probably because the Palm OS address book (and apparently the PPC contacts database as well) beam info using a standard vCard format. I know Palm OS uses that format, as that's how I get records into it :(


If you beam a "file" from a Palm OS device to a PPC, if it works at all, all you will get on the PPC side is a PDB or PRC file that you can't use there.

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A PPC will apparently accept any file, whether it can use that file or not. Beaming a .pdb or .prc file to a PPC can be done, but all the file does is take up space, since the PPC can't open it. A Palm, OTOH, knows which files it can access and won't even accept anything it can't work with. FileProg allows you to beam anything on the Palm, either in RAM or on an SD card with no problem; you can store any file of any format on an SD card, so you could beam those files from a Palm to a PPC and the PPC might be able to use them, depending on what OS they are from.

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