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buying maps

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For local hikes in the state parks I use the DNR. They sell some very nice, inexpensive trail guides/topo maps (which appear to be made by mapadventures.com). For some other local one-offs I use Nat. Geo. Topo! and print out on Nat. Geo. waterproof paper. But I typically like to get the topos through local sources, such as DNRs because you can often find high quality, high detail maps with local information on them.





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Well, I never buy topo maps, since I can usually find what I need on the internet. Ok, so I make maps for a living, and sometimes have the inside scoop on where to find these things. Try searching for Digital Raster Quadrangles. (1:24,000 scale preferred)


They are available here for New York State, but you may find something similar for you area. The ones for NY are in TIFF format. They are large files, but you should be able to read/print them




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If you want the mapping software to download to your GPS, you can get Mapsource Topo directly from Garmin, or from anyplace that sells Garmin units.


If you just want paper topo maps, go to your local to camping supply store, or check out the www.lostoutdoors.com, or www.topozone.com websites.


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There are a ton of options for getting topo maps these days. Here are a few that I've used over the years:

  • Your states U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Building or Federal Building (low tech -- love these places, used to visit and get topo's this way before all the nice electronic resources).

  • DWR/DNR/Fish and Game/Ranger Stations -- (low tech -- can usually find one of these places in whatever area you happen to be in)

  • Delorme Topo USA (has the entired U.S. on 6 CD's)

  • Delorme State Topo Quad's (Very similar to NG State TOPO!)

  • National Geographic TOPO! (Very similar to Delorem State Topo Quads)

  • Garmin MapSource Topo USA (Great option for Garmin owners. Is akin to Delorme Topo USA 3.0/4.0 but with fewer features but nicer GPS integration).

  • Topozone, Terraserver, etc -- (Free supplementary online data. Great resources)


Hope that helps!

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