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Internal Patch Vs Internal Quad Helix


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Quad has a slight advantage under tree cover.

Patch has a slight advantage near rock faces and other vertical surfaces.


If you truly want the best performance get a GPS with the ability to attache an external anteana. That makes more difference than the quad vs patch issue.

Under tree cover is the key for sure. My cache hiding team member has a patch and ever time we would get under cover he would loose sats while me with my quad would keep right on pulling sigs. Never had much experience with rocks but then again that's not where the signals come from so I never gave it a thought. :bad:

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Night and Day.


Go Quad-Helix for sure, my 60cs and Rinos pull sats when my iQue and Legend can't.


The patch has an advantage near verticle rock faces because it looks straight up for the most part. Works best with the antenna level with the ground. Hold that GPS at an angle in your hand or on your dash and your losing some sensitivity behind the unit. Unless of course you mount your Patch GPS facing straight up on our dash. ;) or hold it facing straight up :bad:


The quad helix pulls all around for the most part so it's less affected by holding it in your hand at an angle, dash mounting at an angle etc.


I wish my iQue had the quad helix, it would truly be a versatile GPSr.

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