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Caches Near Airports


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:blink: I am sorry to say that Cardiff Wales Airport Bug Hotel has been removed from it's original location and was placed near an approach road to the airport. It was found by the airport security and then reported to the Police stationed at the airport. The cache box was retrieved by the Police and after a period of time was destroyed. :D

With todays terriorist problems, there may be a call to pull any sites near to high security areas like airports.

Sorry to anyone planning to use the Bug Hotel, I will get another site up and running in the near future, but not near the airport.

Regards to all.

Safe Geocacheing


Colin King. (GW1VRW)

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Hi Slytherin,

I wish I knew, the location that it was first located was well away from the airport boundry, someone (kind person) had removed it from the original site and placed it along side a fence that was very close to the main terminal building.

Having been in the forces, and had worked at the airport I knew all about the security problems that could have arisen. This is why I picked the site away from the airport, if anyone wanted to find it they would HAVE to go out of their way to look for it.

If you look at the log for the cache, quite a few cachers found it and used it to place Bug helping them on their trips.

Hope this has eased the confusion.



Colin (GW1VRW)

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