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Geocaching Navigational Rally


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I just wanted to everyone know that the Great Basin & Eastern Sierra Geocachers have organized the first Cache-Event of its kind.


It’s a Navigational Rally that takes place in the deserts of Northern Nevada and requires the participants to find several caches and accomplish Checkpoint Challenges.


The adventure begins at the pavement's end.

Saturday, May 22nd 2004 in Fallon - the Oasis of Nevada

Join us for an off-road rally that covers 150 miles of beautiful high desert landscape.


With Nevada as our playground, we're going to test the skills of participants by pitting drivers against a mazelike course that winds through the deserts and mountains around Fallon, and finding Cache Challenges along the route that will sharpen the hunting skills of navigators. Teams must work together to make it through the course safely and successfully. Don't worry though, we don't want anyone getting lost, so drivers and navigators will have a series of Checkpoints to keep them on track, getting to those Checkpoints, however, will be entirely up to you.


Entries will be limited to the first 75 applicants. Each team must include a Driver and a Navigator. Passengers are welcome, but bare in mind that the rally takes approximately 6 hours from start to finish. There will be a mandatory driver/navigator meeting prior to the rally at 7:30am, before the first car leaves the starting line at 8:05am.


Entry fee is $30 for the team, plus an additional $5 per passenger. This cost includes memberships into the Great Basin and Eastern Sierra Geocachers. The entry fee will go to covering the expenses of the restroom facilities, timing devices, trophies, printing, postage, equipment rentals, etc. Proceeds will go to benefit the families of the Fallon leukemia cluster.


While no serious 4x4 skills are required, there will be a vehicle inspection to ensure that everyone will be able to safely navigate the course. Clearance is the key word on this route. We also recommend bringing "standard desert supplies" (Ice Chest, Water, Lunches, Water, Extra Batteries for GPS-r, Water, Cell Phone, Water, FRS or CB Radio, Water, First Aid Kit, Water, Tow Strap, Water, Gloves, Water, Tools, Water, Shovel, and did I mention water?) Also handy will be pens and clipboards for the Navigators.


We will have volunteers staffing the Checkpoints and are looking for anyone willing to lend a hand. There will be a four-person team at each Checkpoint, a chief timer, a checkpoint challenge timer, a traffic controller, and a floater. Volunteers will meet at 7:00am, before heading out to take up their stations. Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact us.


Thanks to the assistance of CO_Admin, all Participants and Volunteers will be able to log in the Event and up to 9 additional caches that we will be placing along the course.


You can find out more details by surfing over to waypoint #GCHVET or at : http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f6-4c7c3dfa181a


I hope you can make it.


Monty Wolf

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i can't think of any suv (even the ones designed around the cupholders instead of their off-road worthyness) that would not be able to participate.


the event is more about navigation than driving. the course itself is quite picturesque and doesn't not require any special driving experience.


navigating it and finding the caches is a different matter.


btw: we have fail-safes built in to the directions that will insure nobody gets lost. however, if you use the fail-safes, points will be deducted from your score.


looking forward to meeting you and all california cachers.


monty wolf

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