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  1. When I type a message containing "D2.5", I get this error message: Only Premium members can send third-party links via Message Center. Please remove all third-party links to send your message.
  2. I'd like to see a little more elaboration on etiquette for claiming Virtual caches. This article seems to indicate that "visiting the coordinates" is just okay, and I frequently get requests to log finds from people who "visited before starting geocaching" or "didn't realize there was a cache there, but we were in the area".
  3. Oh, this is very sad! I don't visit the forums very often, just happened to stumble in today. JASW and Iron Chef were two of the first cachers I met, and many of my earliest finds were JASW caches (IC caches were always too hard for me [:)]).
  4. Groundspeak can't offer us any other support and just expects us to badger the individual cache owners?
  5. I don't like streak challenges either. I like finding them, sure, but I don't like that it seems to encourage "unethical" behavior in some (hopefully a small set of) people. And for this reason, I think we'd be better off without them.
  6. Well, the requirement is geocaching-related; so it's arguable that it is considered the basis of a challenge cache rather than an ALR (See Section 4.15 of the Groundspeak Help Center).
  7. Cool, I figure I'll reach 15,000 in about a year. I have a whole bunch of challenges I'm not currently qualified for.
  8. I need some geocachers with 4WD vehicles to go after a 4.5/3 cache: GC1NK0M Sacrifice A Virgin (by The clowns fly @ 3...). I'm collecting the virgins (I have four naive willing subjects so far and expect a few more). I probably should have scheduled a flash mob event or something, but I wouldn't want any of my virgins to be deflowered by an event cache, and it's less than two weeks away anyway; so I'm just trying to find ways to contact local cachers. We'll meet on Sunday July 1st at 7:00pm in the Crystal Ballroom on the 2nd Floor of the Grand Sierra Resort (next to the top of the escalators) where the Scrabble tournament is scheduled.
  9. Will this work better if I create a Facebook account and link it? (Will I stay logged in that way? Maybe it would be worth creating a Facebook account if that's the case.)
  10. kablooey


    Okay, I'm being forced to login again, even though it looks like an update occurred...
  11. I think that the login cookie expires after a month. I find this to be really annoying, as I login on multiple browsers on multiple devices every month, meaning that I have to log in as much as ten times a month, and if I'm really unlucky, the login cookie will expire right when I'm submitting a log and the site then loses what I've typed.
  12. I am able to log in if I enter one character at a time (which is really annoying). It looks like gc.com is trying to block copy and paste of the username field for some reason. Also, I am unable to check the "Remember Me" box, I have no clue why that would be.
  13. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out any of your other puzzles. Maybe I need to ask you for some hints...
  14. OneAngryPuppy is getting close to 7 years. I think there is a cacher in Utah who is also over 6 years.
  15. Since April, I have been doing almost all of my daily caching with my Android cell phone (currently a Sidekick 4G). Generally, I've found that I prefer matching my location on a satellite map to following an arrow that often needs some time to settle down. I have noticed that the handheld (Delorme) is superior to the phone in the following cases: 1. Taking coordinates for a cache hide (I tried an averaging app for the phone, but it gave me yucky results) 2. Caching in the forest (the satellite maps aren't useful if all you see are the tops of redwoods) 3. Caching where cell service is nonexistent or flaky (instant info, full logs, and satellite maps are gone) 4. Cache selection on a trip (this is because the names/difficulties show on my Delorme, while only waypoints show on my phone app) 5. Puzzle caching (the app I'm using does not handle solved puzzle coordinates well) 6. Caching in heat (the touchscreen on the phone seems to have issues in hot and/or humid conditions) 7. All-day caching (the phone battery tends to run out) 8. Long hikes (the phone battery tends to run out) Although the handheld is more suitable to rugged conditions (for example, climbing up boulders), I haven't found durability to be as much of an issue as I expected it would be. I usually just zip the phone into my pack when I encounter tricky terrain.
  16. Wow, on an island with barely 500 or 600 caches, I'm impressed (especially knowing that you would never forgo an FTF opportunity to lengthen a streak).
  17. Okay, never mind. It's broken again, and now even when I "View Logbook", I get nothing. I probably should retrieve all my logs before Groundspeak loses them forever.
  18. Now that I'm at home, logs show on cache pages. They didn't show at work; so I'm thinking there's some kind of connection speed issue. They don't show on my phone either, which is where I probably will need them most. I wish there were a non-Javascript version of the site. Almost all of the Javascript features have been a detriment to site usability.
  19. I'm not getting logs to load at all now. For GC325VH, I see one Found icon and one Published icon. I only see "Loading Cache Logs..." on the main page (using Firefox or Chrome) When I click "View Logbook", it says "No Logs Found" even though the All Logs (*) tab is selected.
  20. I don't like the new logs, but maybe I just don't understand how it works. Let's suppose I'm working on GC2HQX4 Puzzle People- BigBender and I need to search through a bunch of cache pages for logs by davarle. In the past, I could just click "Show All Logs" and then use my browser find function to locate the log. Is that no longer going to be possible? (As another example, if I want to know whether or not person XXX has found Groundspeak HQ, is it going to be ridiculously painful?)
  21. No problem. Couldn't hurt to ask. I'm a non-premium member for personal (not financial) reasons.
  22. Man I can't believe how many days straight he has, that is fantastic. What would be even cooler is if he got the FTF on my cache. Hey there is $20 bucks in it for him..... SS Any chance you would consider making it a non-premium member cache?
  23. Site is broken. Maybe it's just broken for non-members? coord.info no longer works (all queries end up at Directory not found) After about five page views, I ended up at the "A Brief Intermission" page, indicating that the site doesn't think I'm human. That page requires you to wait 60 seconds for a captcha to appear. After entering the captcha, it apparently takes me to a 500 error, and then I end up at the Intermission page for another 60 seconds! The second time I entered the captcha, it just redirected me back to the Intermission page a third time. So, now I guess I'm locked out. I can still get to the forums [].
  24. I am a much better finder when I'm in a group. I think that's because the rest of the group finds the caches that are hidden in the spots that are obvious to anyone with geosense, while my searching uses no geosense whatsoever and thus sometimes locates those caches where the hider is trying to defeat normal geosense.
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