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How Hard Is To Hard ?

Wood Walker

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just wanted input on a cache location there is a small river that runs on the back side of my property thought about placing one one the edge the river is big enough for a canoe and at the right times a flat bottom boat the cache would be about one hour in on a two hour trip from a place to get in to a place to get out I guess what i really want to know is how hard is to hard

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There's really no such thing as too hard. There will always be a cacher that wants to try it. I'm not one that would do that cache, but there are MANY die hard cachers out there. Locally we have a cache that's in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. No way to it other than boat or I guess helicopter. There are underwater caches that require scuba. There are caches placed in a crack in the face of a cliff. The only way to it is either climb up, or rapel down.


Make the hide and don't worry about it being too hard. Just make sure that you rate the terrain and dificulty properly. Don't want to have someone get hurt going for it because you rated it wrong.


If you hide it they will search.



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Many geocachers, I'm sure, will absolutely love it. Others won't even think about attempting it, but this shouldn't be a reason not to place it. More difficult caches get fewer visitors, but this might just add to the hunt's significance for those who do find it.

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What if someone says "It's on the bank of a river, I can walk to it."? Is the cache site totally inaccessible from land? Otherwise, even if you say not to, someone is going to walk across your property to get to the cache. Unfortunately, not everyone reads and follows the cache page.



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