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Which Came First, Your Gps Or Geocaching?

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The GPS came way before Geocaching. As an avid offroader I have owned a GPS, (Eagle Exlorer) for many years now. But I must say that I have now outgrown that particular unit and had to upgrade as soon as I was caught by the Geo bug, (Magellen Sport track Map). Geocaching has also helped me to use much more of this fantastic tool then I ever would have used before. It has increased my skill and confidence with both GPS and general route finding.

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My old magellen trailblazer reminds me every time i turn it on [1994]

I bought it for a hunting trip to the addirondaks and laid out a topo map on the kitchen table and made wypoints before i left.

dadgum if I didn't shoot a deer right where I thought he'd be.

Been hooked ever since.

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First = Mountainbiking and writing/drawing trails on paper with mileage notes

Second = GPS course, bought Legend, learned of something called Geocaching

Third = Have GPS mounted to handlebar of my bike and I never get lost.

Now = Geocaching has become something I do by car, with family and it's fun!


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