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Oldest Known Us Benchmark?


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Looking at the age of some of the marks found in a previous thread, I got to wondering about the age and history of some of these marks. I researched my few finds to determine the oldest one I found. And it has an interesting history. Information and history is below.


This one - CE0665 - is the oldest one I have found.


HERE is a photo of it. Marked on 10 Jan 1855, monument set on 31 Jan 1855.




The United States-Mexico border totals 1,951.36 official miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The Rio Grande portion covers 1,253.69 miles. The Land Border from the Rio Grande to the Pacific Ocean is 697.67 miles, including 23.72 miles along the Colorado River.


The official survey of the United States-Mexico border began on 6 July 1849 from the Pacific Ocean side. The initial point of reference was selected by agreement at one league (then accepted to be 5,564.6 meters) south of San Diego Harbor. It was marked as Boundry Marker #1. The final land border point was selected as N 31* 47’ on 9 Jan 1855. Three weeks later, on 31 Jan 1855, the pyramid shaped marker was erected.


On 5 July, 1883, the border was ”inspected” by another survey crew. This crew departed from El Paso, and ended the inspection in San Diego. During this inspection, the border markers were re-numbered with Monument #1 in El Paso.


This information is from the Leon Metz book, BORDER, in which Mr Metz devotes several chapters to the surveying and marking of the United States-Mexico Border.


Have you found one as old, or older, or as interesting? Tell us about it.

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Yes that was way cool since I was born less than 10 miles from that monument at the base of the Southermost tip of the Rocky Mountians/


Most Historic to me is


Louisiana Purchase Monument


Another Oldie



This one has to go back there somwhere too!!!



Might as well get the Washington D>C> Meridian as wellMERIDIAN STONE


That is just a few it would take up toooooooo much bandwidth,????


That got me thinking what was the 1st Benchmark?


found this


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Older the better and more interesting history. I'm focusing on BM's monumented in Walla Walla County Washington. (lucky me, I appear to be the only one so doing). Out here the oldest I've found is 1904 at PId SA0358. To bad I had to list it as a destroyed :( even though I found it and got a good picture. Lots of 1915's within WWW county, but a quick data base survey of NGS data indicates my 1904 is the oldest. Got my sights on a 1896 "bolt" within Spokane County which is I think do-able once the snow melts.

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The next obvious question (assuming it has not already been answered) is what is the oldest known BM?

Check out this thread.


Since many stations, especially the old ones, have history prior to the official date listed in the NGS history, this is not an absolute list. But, it's a good start.

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