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Any Old Garmins For Sale?


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I guess, my buddy will want to take back his Garmin 45. He loaned it to me because he does not read english and did not know how to use it. Now that I have been using it and having fun with it, I can see that he is itching to get it back. I know that in the spring when fishing opens, he will want to use it. I really like the old Garmin 45. I like the directable, removable antenna, the large screen, no unnecessary bells and whistles, the 5 to 40 volt dc capablilities etc etc. The only draw back is the 8 channel sequential satellite reception. However, after looking at GPS prices, I saw that the Garmin 48 looks exactly like the 45 except it has 12 channel parallel reception. Does anyone have a Garmin 48 they want to sell? If not, does anyone have a Garmin 45 or a Garmin 45XL for sale? Here in Canada, the only people who have GPSs are the stores.

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I just got back from a store that sells GPSs. They haven't got a clue. One salesman (manager of the sports dept) even said that he does not go hunting or fishing and therefore sees no reason to even own a GPS. Geez, some sales people are stupid. They are either stupid or very condescending. I guess, the fact that I am not important, have no money, too old to know about modern equipment allows them to come to the quick conclusion that they shouldn't waste any time on me. So, why do they always bother me with their damned "may I help you?". I guess it's their way of saying...."we've got our eye on you so don't try to steal anything".

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The reason you can't find info at stores about the Garmin 48 or 45 is because they're discontinued items. The best place to look for these older units would be on this forum or eBay. Good news though, should you find one for sale you can download discontinued product manuals from Garmin.


Keep in mind that a ~brand~new~ current-model Basic eTrex is $100 or less (US Dollars). So don't pay too much for an obsolete unit...


Happy shopping,


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