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I posted this in the "Geocaching in Education" forum, but there's really not much activity there. So I'm posting it here now, as I am kinda pushed for time.


I am to do a presentation to my son's class this coming Thursday. I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation and then a little geocaching activity on the school grounds. I've already started working on the PPT and have already set up the layout of the cache course.


If any of you already have PPTs put together that you could send to me, I'd really appreciate it. It would sure cut down on the time it takes for the creative process if I could just copy some ideas/slides.


If you'd like to help, you can email your PPT to me at btNOSPAMouch@yahoo.com. (Just remove the NOSPAM from the email address)


Thanks in advance,


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There used to be a website about a year ago that some guy made that was launched a Flash movie. It was great! It explained everything. It was animated and detailed. The site went down and I think I deleted the bookmark. Maybe someone else will know what I'm talking about and point us to the right site!

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The Flash presentation was based on my PowerPoint presentation.


Instead of the PowerPoint one I would recommend downloading my Macromedia Authorware version (same presentation). It can be burned to a CD which will then play automatically when inserted into the CD drive. It was designed to be given out to park authorities when they ask about geocaching.


It's about 5 MB and even includes cover art for the CD. You can make as many copies as you like.


You can download it here.

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