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  1. Use the old search page at https://www.geocaching.com/seek/ on the website. It allows you to search by GC code.
  2. Should have added... On the 750 at the home screen a single quick press on the power button will switch to a more classic screen.
  3. On the 750 it's setup-system-mode-classic
  4. Thanks folks! Mt. Washington is now on my agenda!
  5. Planning a Spring trip to the above states. What caches would you recommend as "must visits"?
  6. GC83B2R The last public hanging in WV
  7. RIP Barney. We visited with Barney last summer and he was still sharp as a tack and a joy to talk with. If anyone recorded his "story" please share it! Edited: His "story" concerns being assigned to memorize Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “When Earth’s Last Picture Is Painted,” in the 5th grade. He could still recite it from memory!
  8. The WWII/D-Day museum is an interesting place to visit and has a couple of virtuals.
  9. Has to be Ride the Burros! (GC5JNGE) Where else could you cross the Rio Grande in a rowboat, ride a burro to a small Mexican village, enjoy a great lunch and get your first cache in Mexico!
  10. Call me old fashioned but I miss the days when a geocide was filled with angst, anger and scorn for all things geocaching and geocachers!
  11. Not all usb cables allow the transfer of data. Many only provide charging capabilities. Make sure the package specifically states that data can be transferred. Edited to add that I have purchased garmin cables at Target to replace my cables originally included with my gps.
  12. I've never signed in blood but after reaching a high terrain cache or after busting briers I have left DNA samples on logs. Mea Culpa! I'm better known around these parts for signing logs with muddy sticks!
  13. Very well put narcissa. I like your style!
  14. Are you pretending I'm making an arbitrary request that I haven't justified? Nope, I am asking everyone to please stop dating logs. Here are my reasons for this reasonable and polite request: 1. We all know logbooks are getting smaller. Save space by putting your name only! 2. There is so much drama around FTFs. Let's elevate ourselves above the petty drama by putting only our names in logbooks. It doesn't matter when you found it, it just matters that you did. 3. Time is money, or, in this case, more caches. Save yourself a moment by only writing your name. 4. Sometimes, geocachers inadvertently become terrible cheaters when they accidently log a find on the wrong day because they forgot to change it on the log form. If your log dates don't match between paper and online, I have no choice but to tell everyone what a terrible cheater you are. Save me the hassle and just put the date online. 5. Nobody likes a logbook that is damp and crusted with dead mosquitoes. In adverse environmental conditions, it's best for everyone if you just get your name in the logbook and put it back as quickly as you can. Now that I have explained my personal preference in detail, surely everyone will humour me and abide by this simple, reasonable request. It's just a matter of courtesy. You want to be courteous, don't you? Anybody who wants to be polite and not a cheater will stop writing dates in logs. I'm convinced!
  15. When I was a first year teacher at a high school we had a faculty meeting and the veteran teachers argued for about 45min. concerning some teacher's letting students chew gum while others did not. I found this kinda' amusing as anytime I walked down a hallway after a class change you could smell the odor of MJ floating around. Something about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel comes to mind here as well.
  16. Other cachers in the mid-Ohio valley have responded and a group hike is in the works. No need to reply to this topic.
  17. To wmpastor's comments... "Caveat emptor. When you seek a FTF, especially from a new hider, you run the risk of a problem hide. Want less risk? Let a couple of others find it first." I say amen! If you choose to be the "Beta Tester" you get what you get.
  18. After reading the farewell letter included in the OP’s comments I’d just like to say I used to really enjoy the geocide letters that used to frequent this board. I miss the drama, the angst and the heartfelt display of bitter emotions as a cacher declared that they would never return and the rest of us were instructed to make a journey to an uncomfortable destiny. Good Times!!!
  19. Any cachers from the Mid-Ohio Valley area attending GeoXIII who would be interested in caching the Tuscarora Trail (WVTim's overlook GC33J6Z)? If so the old guy would like to tag along.
  20. 1. Always mark where you park in unfamiliar territory. 2. Carry spare batteries. 3. Don't focus on the find at the expense of the fun of the hike!
  21. When I saw this topic I thought maybe it was for a new August souvenir. To be eligible you had to have gotten lost while caching and had to be found by a group of first responder folks. My mistake!
  22. After reading through this topic I would just like to say to all the COs whose efforts I failed to appreciate and whose sense of self-worth I did not properly validate in my succinct logs I would just like to say… Sorry
  23. I've combined vacation trips to nearby beaches with caching runs on the Bling power trail. Most hides are just by the roads but many go missing when the roads are graded. I was stopped on one occasion by a land management patrol and lectured that these caches have all been placed w/o permission. He didn't prevent me from continuing but he wasn't that welcoming either. Just my experiences...
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