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A Few Questions

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I had a few questions since finding this site.


1. I'm new to this GPs thing . I was looking for a beginer entry GPS model thats rather cheep. Any ideas Would be Nice.


2. Does the Cache have to be in the woods. I was thinking of trying an urban cache in my town.


3. a benchmark question here. (I'm hoping a person in biddeford or maine can answer this)

Benchmark OC2058 Theres been alot of new construction going on latly in this area. There putting in a new bridge and they broke up the road alot up that way. Will this report reflect the change at all ?


thats all for now ..... Also Hello to you all . I'm new as of today :lol:


Peace Brendan

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I'm going to plug Garmin's eTrex Legend. That's what I picked up, it's a little fancier than their Geko and comes with a cable to hook up to your PC.


Urban caches are fun and tend to make a cacher feel pretty stealthy B) when trying to aviod muggles. I love wandering around in Miami, trying to look like I'm not a crazed lunatic, spinning around in small circles looking for a micro with hundreds of people around. :huh:


As for the benchmark question, it's tough to say whether or not the construction will have an effect. Benchmarks go missing all the time.

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Yellow Etrex is about as cheap as they get, next to the Geko line, but you'll eventually want a cable to download waypoints so you might as well step up to at least the Etrex Venture which includes one. The Legend is one of the more popular units out there. Magellan also makes some nice GPS's, most notably the SporTrak Map which was mentioned in a previous post.


Urban caches are a lot of fun. Sometimes you're not that willing to get muddy or hike a long distance. Nice urban caches here in B'more and surrounding areas.


I haven't done any benchmarks, so not sure what the answer to your question is. :huh:


Good luck, and welcome to geocaching!

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