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  1. HEH Wait till it gets warmer . I'll be out in my area for sure. I've found alot of close by bebches in my area. Its funny I've always had come across these things but never knew why they were there till now.
  2. My thought is this whole thread ought to be moved. this whole thread is so far off topic. whats how many you have have to do with getting started?
  3. Now I haven't put any of these out there or haave yet been out to find one. I think its important to relize ones person trash is anothers treasure. I personally would love to find the odd stuff. Old stuff as in what your talking about. Everyboody takes something different from doing this. What you get out of iisn't what everybody is going to get out of it. If you really want to read something . Look up burning man and what they call giifting. Just my two cents anyways Brendan
  4. I had a few questions since finding this site. 1. I'm new to this GPs thing . I was looking for a beginer entry GPS model thats rather cheep. Any ideas Would be Nice. 2. Does the Cache have to be in the woods. I was thinking of trying an urban cache in my town. 3. a benchmark question here. (I'm hoping a person in biddeford or maine can answer this) Benchmark OC2058 Theres been alot of new construction going on latly in this area. There putting in a new bridge and they broke up the road alot up that way. Will this report reflect the change at all ? thats all for now ..... Also Hello to you all . I'm new as of today Peace Brendan
  5. just testing tos ee how my sig turns out oh and Hello i'm a new member
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