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Running Into Other Geocachers


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Near 100 finds and have run into about 6 differnet groups of cachers so far.


Always been fun to say hello and share stories. I have yet to be able to pretend to be a muggle because the GPS is always a give-away before I can stash it.


Ran into an out of town cacher while hiding a cache one day. Was surprised he didn't log the FTF!

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I once parked at an apartment complex next to the park where a cache was waiting for me. But I was on the wrong side of a tall chainlink fence, and I stopped a woman getting out of her car to ask her if she knew where the gate for the fence was. She showed me a hidden 'gate,' a tear in the fenceline behind a dumpster pad. It put me within 400 feet of the cache. She turned out to be another cacher, and said she knew right where the hide was, but I didn't let her tell me. (OK, asking for the gate was probably cheating a bit, but she was there...)

At a different new cache, I was FTF after running into the guys who placed the cache in the parking lot. They had come back to place a TB in their new cache, and tagged me when they noticed the GPS in my hand.

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I'm relatively new -- 2 months, 112 finds -- and have only come across two sets of cachers.


The first I met coming out of the woods from one of my new hides while I was on the way in on a maintenance run to replace the container.


The second was a whole family, who were minutes ahead of me on stage two of a multi. I caught up with them rooting around under the bushes on the final stage. They seemed confused as to what they should do; it was only their 4th find, so they thought they'd get in trouble if someone spotted them at the cache site. I allayed their fears and waited for their kids to trade and sign the logs before I moved in.

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