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Help! I Can't Find The State Maps...

Cachin' Kidlets

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Ever since the new maps started... (last summer), I haven't been able to access them. We are going to be doing some travelling next month, and we'd like to hit some caches along the way. But alas, I can't find the state maps to show me which caches are close to where we are going to be.


I go to "Hide and Seek a Cache." Then, I click on the state. But a map doesn't appear. Rather a list of the newest caches comes up. There is not a link to "map" on the top of the page. The only link there is for a "new search" or for the consecutive pages of caches in the state.


Please help!


Me and You CJAM

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Personally, I like the new maps a whole lot better for trip planning, because of the amount of detail they show. But to see the old style maps, just click on your state's home page from the menu at the top right of the main Geocaching.com homepage. There, you'll find a link to the old state map.


And/or just bookmark the map(s) you want. The URL for Michigan's map, for example, is http://www.geocaching.com/map/MI.asp ; you would just need to substitute another state's postal abbreviation to pull up its map.

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I don't know if it's okay to mention other geocaching web sites but here is one I found that actually just leads back to this site.


You can go to http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/


And then pick "find a map". It will bring up a list of maps for each state and several different countries with pins at each cache site. When you click on a pin, it leads you back to the cache info at this site.


Hope this helps!

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