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Cache Owners Are Watching


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Well, I already read it. I think in that case, it may be amusing for the cache owner to go check on the cache and then write "It's still there, so nyeah!" ;)

I did not get to read it, but I am guilty of whatever it said.

I had a really bad day yesterday, and I am guilty of not

keeping my feelings or my mouth in check. I spent over 4 hours at the

DMV tring to get our new 4x4 regestered, I was in a angry

frame of mind, certainly not in the right frame of mind to enjoy a

cache seek. sometimes when a person is in a angry frame of mind

they get kind of a tunnel vision and are not able to think clearly

this no doubt contrubited to my not being successful during the hunt/

and most certainly was a factor in my discription of the event in the log.


Now that I have had some time to cool off, and think I realize how

much of a fool I am.

Words are like a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun, once they are out

you can never get them back. I promise you Mr Hart, this lesson

will not be forgotten. Please accept my humble and public applogy.

with the understanding that it will NEVER happen again.



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Ok, here's the straight scoop.


I was actually just going to post a suggestion that people take their favorite cache hider to dinner - but figured I'd enjoyed so many caches, it'd be too expensive for me, so I posted nevermind. Floopy read the post and thought that if BrianSnat couldn't find his own caches - it'd be funny to find them for him. I should have just locked the thread - but was too lazy (who knew you couldn't delete a topic once you start it). :huh: (I'm actually just picking on Brian cause he's a friend and also a nice guy).


Meanwhile, Scoobydooers had a bad day at DMV - must've thought I worked there and thought my post related to his failure to fill out NJDMV Form #1231, part 3, in triplicate, in four different color pens. Being a nice guy as well, he assumed he should post that he was sorry for voicing his frustration at the DMV, but it was unwarranted. The DMV is truly frustrating, and his apology was unnecessary.


So now I'll lock the thread and it can fade into history. Warning to anyone else trying to brave the NJ DMV - it can be a bear (I spent over 4 HOURS in the Jersey City DMV myself just getting the motorcycle endorsement on my license one day - and I was fuming myself!).


That's all folks, move along....

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