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What Types Of Tbugs Are More Likely To Go Mia?

Cache on the spot

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I just got my first TB tags and need some advise on what to attach to them.


What type of Tbugs are more likely to go MIA? I realize there are no statistics on this but all I need is opinions.


I'm guessing that really cute toys may be attractive to some kids who will be tempted to keep them.


What other items should I stay away from? Also, what items make good Tbugs?


I love "Cindy" the cinder block TB but I want to keep mine small enough to fit in most regular caches ;)


Thanks for any help you can give me.


Cache on the spot

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I think the consensus is that no matter how big and bright your info/warning/goal tag is on your bug is still gets lost by someone who just doesn't have a clue. I spent $5 on making a great informative tag for my first TB with step by step instructions on how to log it and bam it went missing after its 5th move. I guess in theory the smaller your TB object and label (if you have a label) the easier for it to be placed. My guess is there are more small containers ou there then there are large ones. Enjoy watching your TB move while it still is but don't get too attached to it or it will be a real letdown if (...or when) it gets lost. Best of luck to ya though!

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TB owners think instruction tags are helpful. They can't hurt, hmmm, unless the wording annoys the finder.


The new geocaching.com-generated instruction tag is very big unless you reduce it, so it will turn any size TB hitchhiker into a large-sized one.


A number of people make instruction tags for their bugs that are luggage-tag sized, plus or minus. I'm in this category.

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Anything cute or useful, especially if pristine in appearance.


Write your name in Sharpie on the back of the bug. Scuff a corner of it and scratch it up. Have an info tag-- it adds bulk that takes up space in a pocket, glovebox, desk pencil drawer, or nightstand. Have the word GAME appear of the info tag... some people will try to be sporting and fair.

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http://tinyurl.com/234ng (FLY THE NINE!!)


I spent a lot of time creating this one, and the very first cache it went into is so far the last one :(


Someone actually logged it at the cache site but never logged their visit online. Someone after them wrote this:

"No travel bug either, it was taken earlier this week by Jumper, but not yet logged. Sorry to have missed seeing Flying the 9s. TFTH"

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