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'where's In A Name' Cache

Firth of Forth

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Hello ;)

I'm a geocacher in Scotland, UK. My geocaching name converts to a Latitude of N34 78.463. To log the 'Where's in a name' cache (see )http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=12627) I need to find a fellow geocacher who can take a picture of this location with his/her GPS and email it to me. This latitude crosses through many southern states, from South Carolina to southern California, and the longitude can be any value. Surely there is someone over the pond who can help me log this? You will also get to log it as a find, and needless to say, I would be happy to reciprocate for anyone whose 'handle' is around the N56 latitude.

Many thanks.


Edit - fixed url

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Please check those coordinates. 78 minutes?

To follow the instructions on that cache, this would have to be cut in half, to 39 minutes.....that should change things a tad, though not enough to make much difference in the location.


From the cache page: As seen in the above conversion "87" is larger than "60" minutes. If this happens, as it will with some names, just divide the number in half.

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