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Trouble Finding New Cache Spots In Twin Cities


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I'm fairly new to geocaching, and want to start hiding more caches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. BUT, it seems the area is completely satuarated with caches already (not that I mind). Every time I think I've found a new park, I check the GC.com website and there's already at least one cache there. I could hide more in the bigger parks, but it seems that's already the case. Plus I don't have time to venture out of the Cities. Any suggestions?

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I completely agree with you. I've already hidden three of my own, but they're only a difficulty of "1". I want to hide something more challenging than that. It seems that all that's left are small community parks where easy caches are all that I would be able to hide. If that was the case, I could have hidden at least 20 by now, but that's not the point. I found that the harder caches are somewhat more rewarding, and I'd like to do the same for my fellow cachers. Just stumped on where this would be possible without crowding more caches. But, maybe that IS my only option at this point. Just think, in five years it's possible new cachers my not be able to hide any at all in the area. I think I just answered my own question. Geez...

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What's your hurry to hide one? The more you find, the better your skills will be. Then you won't have the typical 'rotten first-hide' that gets plundered after a month because you chose a poor location/container.

There's nothing wrong with finding all the caches in your area first.

I agree!! Even moreso in areas with high cache density;


I did not place my first hide until after my 200th find, and I wish others would have as much foresight when placing caches of their own.

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Take a look at some of the rails to trails. I know for a fact that the ones near me have hardly been touched (with the exception of the Luce Line). Here is a link to lots of Twin Cities trail maps...




I actually have a cache placed on one of the trails between Mtka and Excelsior that has been there for 6 months, but I haven't written it up. Its supposed to be a multi-cache so as to force people to actually get some exercise rather than park and grab as most TC caches are. But I'm not satisified with the way I did the clues. One of these days I will finish it. I need the exercise. :-)



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I'd give it a 2.5 for difficulty. 2 for terrain (only due to the last little bit which might get ugly in the summer).


nonlinear-kelsey says she appreciates the greater than usual amount of urban walking involved, and the proximity of water for cooling off. She is not a fan of park-n-grabs :-)



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Yeah, park and grabs ara okay, but nothing beats a good hike. Now that I'm REALLY looking, I'm finding more parks that are "virgin" territory. When I started caching my first instinct was to check all my favorite parks, which of course are a lot of other people's favorites, so they already had caches in them. I'm suprised at the number of parks I drive by everyday that I've never noticed until now. Now I just need time to explore a few.

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There are a lot of parks and lakes in the twin cities. Sometime I wish we lived there, except for the cold. We were there to visit Grandma for Christmas. I did a PQ for Bloomington, and my son and I found a few, even in the snow. I have been married to a Minnesota gal for over 30 years ;) and we have made many trips to see her family. (We live in Dallas) but this trip was informative because we got to see some neat parks we would have not otherwise explored. This was the first time for geocaching outside of Texas. If you get outside the cities, the density drops off quite a bit. Maybe try to hide some just a little further away.

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