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Excel Spreadsheet To Gps


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I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for, some software might be usable but I'd like the opinions of some of you experts.


I have a spreadsheet that I'm creating with many waypoints. I have unique names for the waypoints and their corresponding lat/long, but I can't figure out the most convienient way to create a file in a standard format, e. g. loc or gpx.


Has anyone figured out which software could handle an Excel spreadsheet or a csv with waypoint/lat/long columns? I sure could use a way to do this, I just can't handle keying in many waypoint entries! (I'm mathmatically calculating waypoints and I'd like to be able to download them to my gps.)


Any help at all would be appreciated.



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you might also want to look at Waypoint Workbench

Thanks for the recomendation - Yup WW is my spreadsheet but open to anyone to use. there is a lot of VBA code in WW which exports to a lot of different formats. None of the code is protected so feel free to dig in and take bits if you like...thats what it is there for.


If I can help with your project please get in touch.


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I've been using ExpertGPS. It allows importing and exporting of CSV files. My mapping software is Street Atlas 8, it also allows importing of CSV files, so I have an Excel spreadsheet that has a worksheet for geocaches, a worksheet for benchmarks, and a worksheet to convert to a SA8 lat/long file with my chosen symbols and colors for type of cache/benchmark found/not found/not attempted, etc.

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