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Hawk Chucker

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After losing my father not long ago I would like to have a bug in his name. My pops biggest regret was not traveling the world, and he made me promise to take his Vacation hat with me when I travel.(I know it sounds silly, but he was a real joker) So what I want to do is have his hat attatched to a bug. I want however to mail this and have the bug virtually dropped in the most countries as possible. This would be done however by mailing it to voulenteers around the globe.


I really dont want to have the risk of a loss, so what are thoughts on this?

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Many bugs go missing. If it's important to you, then don't make it a bug, however...


What you're proposing isn't a normal TB, but something that gets mailed to people who are willing to help the hat travel. This would include, I assume, checking it temporarily into a cache before mailing it to someone else. If it's not checked into and retreived from a cache, then it's not part of geocaching. This mode of traveling would be much safer than through the TB network.

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This is probably the wrong thing to say, but I'm thinking about my own grandfather and my son as I reread this and what I'm hearing you say is that he wants the hat to travel with you. And maybe that's because he doesn't want you to have the same regrets he had. I don't know. But somehow I feel that, to him, you were the important part, not the hat.


If I have offended, I'm truly sorry.

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The hat would get lost most likely and that would be a great loss to you I am sure(No pun intended). Find something that represents the travels and send that instead, the normal cache-cache way. Then take the hat and travel yourself so you won't have the same regrets. ;)


I just worry about the hat as even volunteers can loose things.

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I too lost my father (last year) and am planning on releasing a travel bug on a keychain with his photo on one side and a bit about him on the other. I am then going to ask that the bug be traveled as much as humanly possible and photographed often (I think it will be neat to see how far my dad "traveled" via the internet thru caches!). My father loved to travel, but due to being sick, was unable to do so as much as he wanted.


As for your fathers hat, I would keep it and take it with when YOU travel. How about taking photos of yourself in different vacation spots, and then making a scrapbook? It sounds like this hat is quite precious, if it were me, I would never let it out of my ownership.

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This is a wonderful idea, actually, many have been given. I, too, lost my father in March to cancer. He told me a few days before his death that if there is someplace I want to go, and I have the means to get there, then do it. Don't leave this world with any regrets. My father left me many things, mostly ideas and teachings, but also material items. I would be heartbroken to lose any of them, and I fear that if you send your father's hat, it would get lost, then you would have regrets about that. IMO, your father wanted you to experience the travel, not the hat. I do admire your request for advice on the matter, and it sounds to me as though you and your dad were very close, as I was with mine. I like the idea of the picture and information card about your dad attached to a TB. In fact, I think I'll do the same. Despite a lot of the griping and moaning I've been witness to in these forums, they are still a wealth of information and ideas.


Godspeed to your father's TB, whatever you decide to make it. And accept my condolences on the loss of your father, from one who has been there and knows.


Happy Geocaching!!

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