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I thought you are in Okinawa, as you say "South of Japan". I discovered you are in Iwakuni, me in Fukuoka. Local people around you usually refer the area to "West" but not "South" . South of Japan implies Kyushu and Okinawa.


Anyway I know that yet many geocachers and caches in Japan are associated with US military installations. A weekly magazine "Aera" has one-page article about geocaching in Japan in the issue December 15 2003. The magazine claims that only 500 or so are participating in geocaching in Japan. Let's hope more people will join us.

I am planning to hide a new cache in Fukuoka near future. :lol:

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Do you think Mt. Fuji would be a good place to leave a cache? I have not been to the top for 20 years, is it too busy? Do you have any ideas where to put a cache? Near the Post office or the temple? What about one of the huts that you can spend the night in on the way up, would that be better? If the weather is good in June we want to take a hike to the top. :unsure:

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There are two virtual caches already on the summit;






Placing traditional cache either on the summit or on trails to the summit seems difficult. It is very busy during usual climbing season. It is very difficult to maintain the cache under harsh climate. As you may know there is civil movements attempting to register Mt. Fuji as a world heritage. There are cleaning (trash out) campaigns everywhere at the mountain in everyyear. It is likely that cache may be trashed away in such event.

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I certainly hope someone can help me out here. I am in the US Military and will be moving to Okinawa, Japan in June of 2004. My wife and I enjoy geocaching, we are hoping there are caches placed throughout Okinawa. Can someone please send me an email confirming this?

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Yup, there sure are caches on Okinawa. I have placed 4 of them myself. There are a couple difficult ones that take a couple hours to get to. We also have one that no one has gone to yet because you have to get out there at low tide, or take a boat. I'm sure you will enjoy around here, and then places when you go TDY.



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I will soon be moving to the Iwakuni area myself. As mentioned further up in the posts, military as well.


I'm looking for topo type software before I go and curious to know if there is any commercially available - like MS Streets/Trips as well as TopoUSA from Delorme or the like. Any suggestions would be helpful and looking forward to the caching in Japan.



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and then there's people like me. i really wish i could get out to all sorts of different places (like not pennsylvania) and do caching sprees there... but i am a little short on pocket change, so it'll have to wait. when i do decide to get plane tickets, japan is the first place im gonna head out to. (colorado is next, then texas, then california.)

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Fellow Geocachers,


I have 2 travel bugs (Williams F1 Bug and Ferrari F1 Bug) that I am thinking about racing from the UK to Japan in time for the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix. Can you recommend a cache that I could use (perhaps one of yours?) - and if the bugs got to Japan would you be willing to retreive them and post them back to me in the UK for another race?





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