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Quakemap 3.3 Is Out

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I just wanted to open a single discussion thread for all QuakeMap-related questions and announcements.


The latest version out at http://www.quakemap.com supports Photo Collections (relates time-stamped JPG pictures to track logs, puts thumbnails on the map) and opens .zip files containing .gpx and .loc (and optionally .jpg) files. It fully supports MapAdvisor PDA software.


Please share your experience and ideas here.


Happy trails!

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To answer a couple of common questions:


1. what's the big deal with .ZIP files support?

-- First of all, it allows to pack and store photo collections in a single file, and also when you receive your PocketQueries in a zip'ed gpx form - all you have to do is just open (or drop) the file directly, no unpacking needed;


2. License keys purchased for all previous versions work fine with 3.3.


3. The better you can set clock in Digital Camera, the easier/better is the positioning of the photos on tracks; but you can always adjust for the time shift later.

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Thank you for your kind words and support.


New version 3.3 build 20040212 is available. http://www.quakemap.com


-- color imagery support (around Seattle, WA). This is experimental feature on Terraserver-USA, they plan to add other areas later. Here is how it looks. More info here.


-- Tools menu - run your favorite programs (like GPSBabel) or web pages (MapQuest.com) from a right-click on the map. Click coordinates (lon, lat) are passed as arguments to the called program/page


Your feedback is appreciated.

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QuakeMap 3.4 build 20040402 is out.


New features:

- Blends aerial and topo maps ("ovr" checkbox)

- Track-to-route, reverse route functions in Waypoints Manager

- Mouse wheel zooms in and out

- Support for MapAdvisor Superframe mode (for MapAdvisor version expected soon).

- Full programmatic API (see "developer's corner" link on the site)



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I think that this is a great GEOCACHING software package. I have used this program to develop some cool trade items, and $10 is definately a gift. Besides no one is complaining about cachemate (another for profit program) being discussed in the forums. Great program. I have enjoyed it. Thanks



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Prime Suspect~

So what is your point?? ;) The forum seems to be focused on the new 60c and what little additional information about Quakemap that is posted is a welcome breath of fresh air.

I see no difference than the often referenced USA Photo Map, Fufawi. GPS Track maker etc. and I personally think that Quakemap is the best of the bunch, and for $10 this is one of the best bargains out there for our hobby. Try it ,.......you will like it.

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When can we expect USB support for the new Garmins? (ahimsa)

well, this has to wait - mostly for the reason that USB communication can render your GPS unusable (see remarks on EasyGPS beta at topografix.com).


I would gladly incorporate a third-party library for handling USB communications to new Garmins, but it doesn't seem there is one. If anybody knows such product, please email me (support@quakemap.com)


Happy trails,

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well, this has to wait - mostly for the reason that USB communication can render your GPS unusable (see remarks on EasyGPS beta at topografix.com).

I am MORE than happy to wait until that doesn't happen! :lol:


Thanks for the response!

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QuakeMap beta of the next release is out (please see Support section of www.quakemap.com).


New features:


- DeLorme BlueLogger support (text files); .CSV files support (Excel/Streets&Trips)

- Preload-Along-Route - tiles downloaded for offline operation (mouse right-click on route)

- Alt/... shortcuts and Ctrl/w work now for all menu-driven functions

- Magellan communication speed improved 10x ("handshake off" option by default).


Please send your suggestions to slg@quakemap.com


Thank you.

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I went to Quakemap site and it loks pretty good. As a beginner I am confused at just how I would go about this technically to put it (maps?) on my PDA. Am unclear if there is some sort of interface required between my computer/PDA/GPSr.


Is there some sort of tutorial for some rank beginners to use quakemap?

And I do mean a BSIC runthrough of how to do it.


Could I put arial maps on my PDA and scroll since it is just a small screen?

How do the tracks get into the map examples you show?

From wat I read it seems that you can plot your course in real time on a map on your PDA. Does this mean that the PDA and the GPSr are linked and the GPSr transmits track data to the PDA which shows on the map?



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Thank you for your kind words.

QuakeMap prepares data sets for MapAdvisor http://www.mapadvisor.com - it's web page explains how to take aerial and topo maps to PDA.


As for tutorial - press F1 (or use Help menu) to bring up QuakeMap manual. For general GPS and Geocaching reading nothing compares with "GPS for Dummies" in your nearest bookstore (ISBN 0-7645-6933-3) and of course http://gpsinformation.net.


Questions and suggestions are very welcomed (please see quakemap.com support page) - and on the same support page you can find a sneak preview of next QuakeMap release ("Beta").


Happy trails!

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Build 20041128 is out. There is a distance meter (hold Ctrl and drag the mouse) and some improvements to earthquakes handling (can convert/export earthquakes as waypoints, here is an idea of quake caching :-).


Also USB-connected devices (Garmin 60C) are now supported via GPSBabelWrapper - also supports many file formats and filters.


GPSBabelWrapper is standalone program, .NET Framework is required but it can be used without QuakeMap.


Your suggestions and critique are always welcomed. - slg@quakemap.com

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