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Buried Treasure ???

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I just logged on and found this cache on the most recent list on the opening screen.


What surprised me about it was the title. That should have thrown up a red flag to the approvers. Then I read the description, and it suggests using a metal detector and a SHOVEL to find the cache.


I thought the consensus was that burial was not an acceptable means of cache placement. Maybe I'm wrong, but it just doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

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Misguided I fully agree, Please don't dig to any depth to Bury a cache find a better way or where to hide it.


See My rants Here


But I think this Hider would proably (like others) defend this by saying it's buried in sand so it makes no impact. (me I say neigh)


Don't bury no matter what the costs!!!


Cache On!!



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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I can't imagine how that one got through. I suspect the cache page was edited after approval.


It sounds like environmental concern is not an issue at this location, given this quote: "...a few old refrigerators and buried cars..." but I don't think buried caches are appropriate simply because of the already popular misconception that caching involves digging.


Also... in my (haven't been there) opinion, this is probably not the most scenic location.



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If I'm looking at the map correctly, this cache is also on an Indian Reservation. I would hope that the placer got permission before placing it. If not, I feel for the person who gets caught on a reservation with a metal detector and shovel. I know with the Choctaw Indian Reservation right next to me, people caught digging out there could get in very serious trouble!


Ever notice everybody is willing to give THEIR 2 cents worth but only offer a penny for YOUR thoughts?

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