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Should we be paying a membership fee?

Guest Cach-U-Nuts

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This thread is getting huge...and almost everyone has said that, in spite of their reservations, they're going to send their $30. Me too.


For me I don't really want to pay $30 for a special members-only area. I like the PBS model. Everyone should see the same stuff. In fact, why not just sell memberships like PBS. Contribute your $30 and you get a little "Charter Member" icon beside your name. You could even have different levels of membership (and different icons) for those who want to contribute more.


This approach allows you to support the sport and also let others know that you're a monetary supporter. You feel good and maybe it will generate a little peer pressure on the "free loaders" to contribute. Come on...all of us who particpate in this sport have invested a couple a couple of hundred dollars in equipment, to say nothing of gas every time we search for a cache.


Jeremy, you get my $30 either way. Don't feel obligated to give me special members-only features others don't get. If you want to recognize my contribution by putting an icon beside my name....great.

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it costs someones time and $. Although we have been using the site at no financial cost to us, Jeremy has invested both time and his hard earned cash for sure to make this site what it is today. His time that he has donated to this cause, that benefits us all, is more valuable to me.


I do not care the amount of income you may earn, but in reality if you are using this site and have a GPS to enjoy the fruits of Jeremy's labors - you can darn sure afford $30 to keep such a great site going. It's less than a "burger meal" per month for crying out loud.


No, you do not have to pay a dime, and you can continue to enjoy the site as you have. I personally wouldn't care if there were no extra benefits at all... I'd still pay to have such a great site. Thanks Jeremy...I appreciate it greatly.

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Guest dustystar

Am I just simple minded or is this not as obvious as I think? If the site is set up with a filter or a division for commercial coordinates, the users would be able to eaisly avoid unwanted locations. Those that enjoy finding a specialty store with their GPS can open that part of the search engine. The businesses that enter their locations in this area and offer a special "deal" can be the ones that pay a fee - thus financing our habit as well as building a treasury for hardware and even a percent to the pocket of the system adminstrator. There is money to be made here! icon_biggrin.gif

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