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  1. If you can't find anyone to contact, then maybe just show up at an event. I'm sure they'd "invite" you at that point.
  2. Yes, it's the comma versus dot problem. In your first Coordinate Entry example, you put in 51 17,567. The software did the best it could, because 51.2927833 = 51 deg 17.567 min. But by then it was already confused. I'd bet if you used periods instead of commas it would work fine. But they need to fix the software to look for periods OR commas, since they mean the same thing to both of us.
  3. Hmmmm... Android doesn't exist yet and the iPhone is still locked up.
  4. I was trying to play the GasWorks cartridge on my PC using the emulator. Works great, up to the parts store. To get any of the three items, I have to answer a location-based question. Since I'm nowhere near Seattle, I'm stuck. Is there anywhere I can find the information online so I can actually finish the adventure? EDIT: I found a picture of the glove but the answer I can see doesn't work. EDIT: Well, I muddled through it, but I never saw the completion code. Does it actually come up in the emulator?
  5. I'd love to be able to play using my Palm OS Treo and bluetooth GPS. Any chance of a Palm OS client?
  6. Is there any way you can move the production stats section (the dated section that you update) up to the top of the page? Every time I go to that page, I have to scroll down to see if something has changed.
  7. I guess no one reads the thread any more... THIS IS ***NOT*** AN ORDERING THREAD! Whatever you "request" in this thread means nothing... zip... zero. Why is that so hard to understand?
  8. I like the number of spots on #2, the coloring of #4, and the flag background from #6. And an egg roll on the side, please. I like the giraffe idea, regardless. Good job everyone.
  9. It's such a shame no one can read.
  10. I'd like #13 if it's available. Thanks!
  11. This Sneak Preview thread has taken on the appearance of a get-on-the-list thread. I want one set, but expect that the real thread will come soon?
  12. Late to the game, but I'd like to add my 2 cents. I like the proposed idea. Doesn't get rid of any functionality but cleans up some problems. Since travel bugs are tagged things that move around (like tagged wildlife), it would be cool if the new term was somewhat related to the catch/"look at the tag and write down its number"/release idea of tracking tagged wildlife, because that's exactly what we'd be doing in this case. I can't remember what that middle step is called. Cataloging? Does anyone know? Spotted is a good term too.
  13. Every time you "Remember Me", it seems to un-remember you from every other computer you use to access that account. Somehow I think that's tied to IP or something like that. I even have the problem between work and home computers, then add a third one (Treo) to the mix? Bleah. DPR: Those security concerns are appropriate. I don't care HOW they do it, but I sure would like to be able to log in via a link.
  14. And the TomTom (at least my GO works this way) can accept a huge file of POI points. I think I've loaded over 1000.
  15. Well, you can always type it up offline and cut-n-paste into the form. If you typed it into the GPX/LOC file already, why not just type it into the form in the first place?? If you allow an upload, then you have to parse it, verify it, fix it a few times when people upload God-awful crap and break it... MUCH easier as it is. No, I don't work for Groundspeak, but that would be their answer.
  16. They all sound good to me. I understand that the Insta-Notify is following the standard Publish event, but much of the information listed in that particular Insta-Notify is junk. I don't care about the approver's profile. I don't care about the log entry for the Publish event. And if I click the link for the cache, I can't even get the coordinates (since I'm not by default logged in on my PDA where I get the Insta-Notify). For me, the only useful thing in there is the distance, since it's from my home and I can gauge kinda where it is.
  17. I get my insta-notifications sent to my Treo. I read the mail, and click the link to go to the cache. When the browser comes up, I get the page but the coordinates are censored because I'm not logged in. So I have to login on the Treo every time, which is a pain. Is there some way to save off my login info, maybe encrypted in a cookie, and send it with the link request? I don't know what the best solution is, but the situation stinks.
  18. Not only the locations of the courses, but loggers can submit a photo of their favorite hole (or even better, the all-important hole #18).
  19. Robert's suggestion is the only one that lets me know where the events are located. Both state lists just list them out, with no distance from my home point shown (that would be good enough for me). Right now the PQ is the best option. I was trying to think of everyone, though. Do non-premium members get the weekly cache notifications?
  20. Heh, I think that's worse. Not only do I have to burrow down into the Forums, but then I have to wade through every event in the state, and that page doesn't give me any clue where the events are.
  21. My found-caches PQ last Thurs had plenty of "old" finds in it. Remember that archived caches aren't included in PQs, as a rule.
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