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I ran across a cache while looking for one around my area to do later this week. It was very strange and i was wondering if anyone has come across anything like it... a member of the family would hide it and if any other member of there family was not there, they would go out try to find it and log in the entry they found it making there caches numbers grew probably by the day. I didnt think that was geo-caching or do you think this is exceptable?? Just curious!!! icon_confused.gif

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Well, I wouldn't go around hiding caches so that my husband could find them and vice versa. We cache as a team, so if one of the team hides 'em, that's it.


It's different with my son: he's just learning how to man the GPS, and he has his own account. So, if I hide a cache, and he has no idea where it was, and finds it with the GPS, I'd let him log it.


I certainly wouldn't go out and put out temporary caches just to help my family increase their found numbers.



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I can think of a couple of people who cache as a group. I would not object to anyone within a group/team, where if one person hid the cache and then someone else went out and found it, then logged it as a find. As long as they had no advance knowledge about the cache, just a like any other cache they might go out and find.

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My fiancée and I have different accounts, and she'll help assemble the booty nuggets for a cache, or in one case, she provided the container, name, booty nuggets, and all. I'll place these caches on my own, and put both our names as the cache owners. Since she had a hand in creating the cache, but wasn't there when I hid the cache, then I see no problem with her logging the cache as a find if she does go by later and find the cache. Even though she is given credit for the cache on the cache page, it's still my profile that shows up as the cache owner, and i do let her find the cache on her own if we are together when she does go seek the cache. 15T



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