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Strange GeoCache Name...

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I just noticed a cache that is causing strange things to happen.


The cache page says the name is 'GeoCache'

Search says the name is 'Traditional Cache'

Pocket Query GPX calls it '' (nothing)


cache page:



search page:






Any ideas?

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Yes, I know.

With the old cache entry system you did not have to put a nickname for the cache. You could leave that blank. When you view the cache page is says "Geocache". The PQ shows it as what it is, such as "Traditional Cache". The new form makes you enter a name for the cache.


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I think this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find the thread. If I remember correctly, if a name wasn't entered on the submit a cache page, you would get the results you are seeing. There were a few old caches like this. However, I thought that the system was forcing you to enter a name now, so I don't know how this one got thru (it says it was placed in July of 2003).


EDIT: Mtn-man answered this already. I guess the check for name wasn't added until after this one was submitted.




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Originally posted by mtn-man:

The new form makes you enter a name for the cache.


Shoot. Can I still call it "Traditional Cache?"


Seriously, my question is, does the new mandatory name requirement eliminate the possiblity of repeat names?




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